10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

The 10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

With a rich outdoor culture, beautiful skyscrapers, scrumptious goodies and some of the nicest people you will ever meet, Vancouver just might be the best city in North America, maybe even the world! Don’t believe me? Try these 10 best things to do in Vancouver during your next trip and see what I mean!

1. Take a False Creek Ferry to Granville Island – Granville Island doesn’t feel that much like an island. It’s extremely small and not isolated whatsoever. Still, there are plenty of things to do like stuff your face at the public market, shop for chachskies, enjoy the amazing skyline and watch people take embarrassing selfies with the ballsy seagulls. Roundtrip tickets for the ferries are about $5.50 CAD and has multiple stops! If you’re lucky, you might even see a pirate ship.

10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

2. Visit Bloedel Conservatory – No doubt you’ll run into some rainy weather while visiting this beautiful town. My friend told me about this spot as a good way to see Elizabeth Park as well as seek shelter on that particularly rainy afternoon. For $7 CAD, you can hang out in this amazing bio dome, see indigenous plant life, marvel at exotic birds and stroll through the various gardens found within Elizabeth Park.


3. Explore the Science World – From far away, I thought this was another Olympics building, but alas there is more to Vancouver than it’s many 2010 Olympic highlights. Science World is a great destination for families or an awesome activity if you’re looking to hide from the rain, however it is slightly expensive at $25.75 CAD per adult ticket. If you wish to just roam around free of charge (like I did), the sight is something else!

10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

4. Go on a Craft Brewery Tour – Vancouver might as well be known as little beer town. My first night in Vancouver, I had over 5 pints of beer without even trying! Delicious and locally crafted beer is served just about everywhere and it’s hard to say ‘no’ when it goes down like liquid gold! This list is the ultimate Vancouver craft beer list, but my faves were 33 Acres Brewing Co. and Brassneck Brewery.

10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

5. Visit the Richmond Night Markets – Though technically outside of Vancouver’s city limits, the Richmond Night Markets are a culinary and bizarre experience you CANNOT MISS while visiting Vancouver. From whacky concoctions to carnival games, it’s a family-friendly, chaotic scene! (And if you’re like me, you can choke and almost die on Octopus balls. True story.) **Tip: Instead of waiting in line for 30 minutes, find an attendant with a pass that allows you skip the line and pay a smaller price. The catch? You need 10 people. Just make friends with the people in line and you’ll be inside in 5 minutes!


6. Bike Along the Seawall and Stanley Park – When I saw that everyone was recommending I bike the seawall, I didn’t understand how a seawall could be so beautiful. But it is in fact one of the most scenic and beautiful bike rides in Vancouver. Pair this with an afternoon picnic in Stanley Park and you’re living the ultimate Vancouverite dream!


7. Enjoy the View at the Vancouver Lookout – If city skyscrapers are more your thing, you might want to check out the Vancouver Lookout. Atop the Harbour Centre, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Vancouver, is the 360-degree viewing deck. At 48-stories high you can see absolutely spectacular views of Vancouver’s famous glass skyscrapers and waterfront. At $16.25 a person it’s a tad expensive just for a look-see, but you’re allowed to go back multiple times a day to get the right picture!

10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

8. Stroll Through Gastown – I was OBSESSED with Gastown the first time I visited Vancouver. The cobblestones, the vendors, the waterfront… it was beautiful. This second time around, I got off the bus on a sketchy street and seemed to notice a lot more tourists and homeless people than the last visit. STILL. It’s definitely worth visiting while you’re in Downtown. The best site? The steam clock!

10 Best Things to Do in Vancouver

9. Climb a Suspension Bridge – There is nothing more thrilling than walking above thick planks of wood, welded together, over several hundred feet above the trees and water below. There are a few suspension bridges in Vancouver, the popular ones being the Capilano or Lynn suspension bridges. And while I never got to see those myself, I got to see the fairly new and equally stunning suspension bridge at the Sea to Sky Gondola experience in Squamish, located an hour outside of Vancouver.


10. Eat All of the Food – Vancouver is known as quite the foodie town, specializing not only in great beer but sushi, fine dining, pub fare and vegetarian food. Basically anything you can think of. There’s something for EVERYONE here and you can easily make a trip just out of stuffing your face. Click here for some of the best foodie spots in Vancouver you have to visit on your next trip!


What are some other amazing things to do in Vancouver?

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