50 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling

There’s a common misconception that traveling the world is expensive. Tours, hotels and flights can often turn a trip into an expensive investment, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars. But there are plenty of ways you can save money on the road without sacrificing the quality of your trip. In fact, some of these tips just might enhance your vacation experience! Here are 50 ways you can save money while traveling on the road, ranging from shopping to accommodation to transportation.

I’ve put most of these tips into practice and while it might seem less than ideal at the time, it really helps extend your adventures or stay longer than you could imagine. For example, we frequently picnicked in Oslo, Norway as the price of dining out is very high. But by doing this, we were able to save enough money to travel first class on the Bergen railway. Certain sacrifices are well worth it in the long run.

Sunset Ways You Can Save While Traveling

  1. Get romantic and search for the best sunset.
  2. Have a picnic instead of going out to eat.
  3. Split courses with your traveling partner at restaurants.
  4. Research cheap restaurants with Yelp or Four Square.
  5. Utilize your kitchen (if you have one).
  6. Plan your meals ahead of time (for the sake of your wallet and your waistline).
  7. Drink a ton of water (like, half of your weight in ounces).
  8. Bring a refillable water bottle with a filter.
  9. Research local happy hours and deals.
  10. Dine with a local.
  11. Craft your own cocktails.
  12. Or don’t drink alcohol at all (yeah, right).
  13. Stay in the next town over if during a big holiday or event and commute.Moroccan tea ways you can save while traveling
  14. Book accommodation that offers free breakfast.
  15. WWOOF.
  16. Try Airbnb.
  17. Stay at a hostel.
  18. House sit.
  19. Couchsurf.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Volunteer.
  22. Save on accommodation and take overnight trains or buses.
  23. Utilize Rome 2 Rio.
  24. Take local transportation.
  25. Utilize ride sharing.
  26. Bring snacks from home for the plane ride.
  27. If you have time, take the bus instead of the train or plane.
  28. Use coconut oil as multiple toiletries.
  29. Work while on the road.Rodin Museum Paris France the thinker 50 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling
  30. Check for free museum days.
  31. Checkout local blogs or city guides for free events and concerts.
  32. Go for a run and see the sights for free while working out.
  33. Haggle in the appropriate travel destinations.
  34. Utilize local farmers markets and thrift shops.
  35. Scout for local shopping outlets.
  36. Duty free, all the way!
  37. Go to travel locations that have better exchange rates.
  38. Buy clothing off-season (buy jackets in summer and bikinis in the winter).
  39. Try free walking tours.Hike he Ubud rice paddies terrace Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling
  40. Go on a hike (see the best and most authentic views).
  41. Travel light so you don’t spend money on checking extra bags.
  42. See if your airline tickets allows a stopover instead of a layover.
  43. Utilize free wifi at hotels, hostels, cafes, restaurants, etc.
  44. Research where the best currency exchange rate is per country (airports, banks, ATMs, etc.).
  45. Book as you go with the local currency.
  46. Track your expenses with Trail Wallet or a notebook.
  47. Ask the locals where the best and cheapest hotspots are.
  48. Join a local Facebook Group to find travel deals and secret spots.
  49. Connect with loved ones back home with WhatsApp.
  50. Bring your Kindle instead of buying books on the road.


Do You Have Any Additional Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling?

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