6 of Berlin’s Best and Trendiest Cafes

Wall maps, knick-knack shops, breakfast food, and hideaways. These idiosyncrasies are just some of the offbeat details that can be found at Berlin’s best and trendiest cafes. Whether you’re searching for brunch or a simple espresso, these cafes have what you’re looking for and then some. Check out these awesome spots and be sure to make a pitstop at one (or all of them) on your next trip to Berlin, Germany.

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @amyphamthi

Hallesches Haus

Who knew that shopping for your friend’s birthday gift could result in a cup of your favorite coffee drink. This 1920’s post office turned music club turned shop/cafe/event space has everything in a coffee shop you never knew you were missing. From a bright and geometrical aesthetic to all kinds of cool and trendy presents, your eye will wander as you enjoy an artistic latte. Make sure to follow up with this cafe as their kitchen will soon be expanding.

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @phoffmannbln

Friedl Rösterei & Kekse

This no nonsense cafe is perfect for any coffeephile. While sipping at this cafe in Prenzlauer Berg, you’ll realize that what this cafe lacks in size, it definitely makes up for it in beautiful details, scrumptious coffee and sweet treats. You can even check out their very own roastery and take some coffee bean gold home with you.

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @et_deuxieme

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Retro inspired design meets old world coffee brewery at Bonzana Coffee, but the taste is what some might find experimental. Trendy space and friendly staff aside, one should travel to this tasty retreat for the great reputation it has as the first coffee shop of the ‘third-wave movement.’ Simply put, this ain’t your average cup of joe.

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @delphiiine

House of Small Wonder

This easy-to-miss cafe may be hiding in plain sight, but once you find the not so secret entrance, you will never forget it. People come for the beautiful entrance and stay for the amazing brunch, like their croissant french toast or croque madame. Don’t forget, cash only!

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @un_fold_ed

Five Elephant

Five Elephant has got it all: travel decor, spacious, yet intimate space, great coffee, and some of the most amazing cakes you will ever try. Make sure to try the popular (almost famous) cheesecake alongside a tasty cup of coffee while visiting Berlin.  

Berlin's Best and Trendiest Cafes
Photo by @theclumsytraveler (yours truly)

Silo Coffee

After a night out at Berlin’s infamous club scene, you’ll want to replenish with some more healthier food options. Silo Coffee not only has some of Berlin’s greatest coffee, but some amazing meals like muesli bowls, poached eggs and homemade juice served with a shot of fresh ginger. Stop by this cafe for a quick hangover recovery pick-me-up before browsing the East Side Gallery.

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