8 Ways to Share Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

It’s a beautiful day in Southern California and I am very thankful to spend this year with my family, fiancé, and kitties. Last year, Kevin and I gave back at the Westside Thanksgiving and it was truly an overwhelming experience.


This year, we are traveling a small distance between my in-law’s house and my parents’ house, so we decided to share our gratitude in a different way. Whether you are home for the holiday or traveling abroad, here are some fun ways to express your gratitude this Thanksgiving.

  1. Give a high five to every person you see.
  2. Everytime someone says the phrase “Happy Thanksgiving”, pay them a compliment. Even if they’re a stranger.
  3. Donation Roulette. Go to Kickstarter or Go Fund Me and donate what you can to the first cause you see.
  4. Place a flower under someone’s windshield wiper.
  5. Prepare your favorite dish, even if it’s not a Thanksgiving “traditional” meal. If you’re alone this holiday, make sure to stop and give thanks for having this food in front of you.
  6. Purchase an easy to eat entree, dessert, and drink. Give it to someone who needs it today.
  7. Write 3 things you’re thankful for on 3 different post-its. Place one by your bed, one on the mirror, and one on the inside of the front door. This will keep you mindful of your blessings all year round!
  8. Write a special note to someone you love.


Love, Cheers, and Many Thanks!

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