32 Tips for An Amazing Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one my favorite cities in the entire world! Maybe it’s the lights, vibes or booze, but I’m obsessed with Vegas. After traveling here more time than I can count, here are my 30 tips for an amazing trip to Las Vegas.

Amazing Trip to Las Vegas

I came to Las Vegas with my family at least 10 times growing up. And since my first “big girl” trip at the age of 21, I’ve learned a lot about the City of Sin.

Some of the things I’ve found about Vegas are obvious or learned from movies. Others are trial and error. Now it’s time to pass on what I have learned (or rather, drunkenly stumbled my way through).

Amazing Trip to Las Vegas

1. Never Pay Full Price

You should never pay full price for a hotel (even flights) to Las Vegas. There are plenty of tools to help you out. I use apps like HotelTonight, AirBnb, Kayak and Skyscanner. Also look into borrowing timeshares, staying off the strip and taking the bus around the city!

2. Check Out the Parking Situation

Recently, hotels started charging for parking! This can make a big difference between your booking options. Find out what the parking situation is before booking your hotel!

3. Get a Room Upgrade

Sometimes simply asking the front desk if they have any available free upgrades is all it takes! If you don’t mind spending the money, fold a $20 or $50 neatly under your ID when handing it to the front desk attendant. They’ll get the message when you ask about a room upgrade.

4. Drinks Are Free When Gambling

From slots to blackjack, it’s all free. Just make sure you stay long enough to receive your free drink (the waitresses purposely take their time) and don’t forget to tip!




5. Go During Off Season

Off season starts in October and lasts until March. The weather is still fairly warm, it’s cheaper during this time, there’s a lot to do and you’ll find yourself winning a bit more!


6. You Can Ride in a Limo For Free

As long as you go to their strip club. But that’s when the real fun starts!


7. Invest in a Hangover Cure

Whether it’s a vitamin drink, or In-N-Out, make sure to have these things on hand. Stock up BEFORE your hangover or know where the closest fast food chain is.


8. Try to Catch One Show

Preferably Cirque de Soleil, but David Copperfield, Britney Spears or Absinthe will do the trick.


9. Don’t Sleep, Nap

In Vegas, there’s something exciting going on 24 hours a day and you don’t want to miss it! To get the best experience, don’t skimp on sleep but maneauver it around your schedule.

10. Always Pregame in Your Hotel Room

This includes food and drink (but mostly drink, who are we trying to kid?). The cheapest drinks in Vegas can be bought at 7-Eleven, CVS or Walgreens.

11. Beat the Traffic

If you’re driving from Los Angeles, make sure you leave at the right times to avoid traffic. Fridays to Vegas and Sundays to Los Angeles are the worst! If you have to leave those days, leave Friday for Vegas before 11 am or after 7 pm. If you’re headed back to LA on Sunday, leave after 5 pm.


12. If You Don’t Drive or Fly, Bus It

Flying is expensive and sometimes, you don’t want to go through your cars miles. If you’re coming from the surrounding area of Las Vegas, it might actually be cheaper to take the bus (I’ve found bus trips as low as $9 one way)! Check out Wanderu for the cheapest ways to get to and from Las Vegas!


13. Start Your Night with a Drink and a View

Nothing gets your buzz on like sipping bubbly with the electricity of Las Vegas below you. Find a rooftop bar to start the night or just a plain ol’ rooftop!


14. Eat Some Damn Vegetables

Even if they’re cooked and soaked in butter. Your poor body will need nutrients during this trip.

15. Gamble at the Jenky Places

Random casinos are depending their income off gambling. Your chances are lot higher at places like Casino Royale, Buffalo Bills and Excalibur. The further from the strip, the better your chances.

16. Get a Table or Bust

Girls, you can crash a guy’s table pretty easily. Guys, it’s worth the splurge if you all split. The club crowds are so obscene, it’s not even fun.

17. Research the Headliners

Rather than wander the strip, check the club calendars to see who is playing and when. This will help you budget entrance fees, table fees and your schedule in general.

18. Splurge on One Fancy Dinner

Get into the rat pack spirit and dip into that old school luxury. My favorite is the Sinatra at the Encore but there are plenty of other dining options.

19. Don’t Get a Massage When You’re Hungover

It may sound like a good idea, but trust me. It’s not.

20. Go Off the Strip 

Not only will you see more of what Vegas has to offer, you’ll also find much better deals. 

21. Enjoy the Adult Pools

Yes, there are topless pools in Vegas. And yes, I love them. Nothing feels more daring. I prefer Bare at the Mirage for its privacy and exclusivity, but there are plenty more out there!

22. Try Some Novelty Shit

The fun parts of Vegas are the weird, over-priced, tourist stuff. Get a dry-iced mojito at the sugar factory, take a verbal beating at Dick’s, ride the mechanical bull at PBR and get a foot-long margarita on the strip.

23. Research Your Perfect Pool Day

From adult pools to ragers to lazy rivers, there is something for everyone. But if you’re not into the DJ club scene, the wrong pool could ruin your day. Make sure you know where you’re lounging.

24. Hydrate

I can’t say this one enough. With the booze, the sun, the desert heat and lack of sleep, this will surely be your best friend. Seriously, drink water.

25. The Higher the Heels, the Shorter the Party

Girls, you won’t be able to last longer than 5 hours, 6 tops with those blister-inducing heels. And in the city that never sleeps no less! Make sure you leave the uncomfortable heels at home.

26. It’s All About Connections

Promoters will hook you up with free club entry, tables and alcohol! Make sure to contact them. Don’t know any promoters? Take some Vegas pics on Instagram and use all the appropriate hashtags (#vegas, #vivalasvegas, #lasvegas). They will reach out to you in an hour’s time.

27. Go to Peppermill Fireside Lounge at 4 am

It’s weird and bizarre, but it’s SO FUN to people watch at this time. Plus, you can get your drunk munchies in on the cheap.

28. Go Shopping

If you’re from LA, take advantage of the lower sales tax! Other states might find that this 8.15% is a bit of a boost from their state’s sales tax, however.

29. Get Your Makeup Done

You’ll feel like a diva all night. $60 at MAC Cosmetics gets you a makeover and $60-worth of product!

30. Beware of Taxicab Scams

They will the longer routes, say they can’t make change or up-charge you if you’re really drunk. Say that you’ve been to Vegas many times and just keep an eye on him/her. (Also make sure you have your wallet or be held at knifepoint, like I did once!)

31. Watch Your Belongings

The odds that something will be stolen are slim. The odds you’ll get drunk and drop your phone or lose it are high. Bring only the essentials and bring a wristlet.

32. Go Where the Wind Blows You

The best Vegas stories are made with an open mind. I had a friend earn $5k just from helping some rich guy make thousands of dollars at a craps table. Be friendly, stay positive, go with the flow and see where the night takes you!

Amazing Trip to Las Vegas

Amazing Trip to Las Vegas

Have You Been To Vegas? What Other Tips Do You Have For an Amazing Trip to Las Vegas?

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  1. Great tips! I am going this weekend for Memorial Day. What are your suggestions for a good rooftop bar with a stunning view?? Xo

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