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This Is the Best Anti Theft Purse For Travel

Solo female travelers have a lot to think about on the road. We’re concerned about our safety, how we’re gonna pack everything and where the best Instagram spots are. But something else we need to consider that men typically don’t think twice about: purses. Specifically, making sure they’re not broken into. Not to fear ladies, I’ve found the best anti theft purse for your travels all around the world!

It all started when I was studying abroad in Sweden in 2010. Some friends and I went on a long-weekend getaway to London (one of my favorite cities in the world). It was our first, full day there and we were wandering around the Notting Hill markets. We knew it was a touristy activity, but the thought of these expensive and beautiful homes made us think we were in a fairly safe place. In hindsight, I realize how horribly naive I was.

So there I was, shopping for some cute gloves when I saw a pair I was interested in. I reached into my purse for my current gloves to compare the size and noticed my wallet was there, safe and sound. NO JOKE PEOPLE, I turned my head for 10 seconds and turned back to find my wallet was snatched right out of my purse.

Obviously, I was pretty devastated. And pissed.

That was definitely my bad. I should have known better! But this was the beginning of my traveling career when I was an inexperienced traveler who left her purse too open in a public setting, just begging for my contents to be stolen.

Now, I travel the world with my purse tightly under my arm, zipped up and only bringing the necessities. Always on alert and always afraid. That was, until now.

Introducing Arden Cove!

Arden Cove is a travel bag line that specializes in anti theft and waterproof purses. Known for its full-sized cross-body bags, the purse has numerous features that help keep thieves and pickpockets at bay.

The purse features full body, anti-slash lining and cut-proof straps to keep thieves from simply cutting through the bag. This same material is also waterproof so you can bring it to nearly ANY occasion.

To keep pickpockets from going into your belongings, the purse has locking zippers that attach to the chain link strap. The chain link strap is made super comfortable with a small and feminine shoulder pad. As if this purse wasn’t safe enough, you can use this as a cross-body bag so no one steals it off your shoulder.

Simply put, it’s the best anti theft purse for travel.

My favorite thing about this purse (aside from never worrying about theft again) it its size. It’s a fairly small purse, but the inside is surprisingly roomy! There are multiple pockets to simulate a regular wallet as well as larger pockets in the main compartment. I can fit my whole camera, additional lens, wallet, phone and few pieces of makeup without it looking bulky or overstuffed.

It’s size makes it perfect for just about any occasion, from a beach trip with the girls to a fancy date night on the town.

Of course, the same color doesn’t look good for every occasion. That’s why Arden Cove comes in 5 different colors: maroon, navy, cream, grey and black. They also make mini cross-body bags and waterproof laptop backpacks.

Some girls are purse hoarders that need a different purse for every outfit and occasion (no judgement, but I ain’t one of them). I pretty much always use the same three bags when I travel: a backpack, a Louis Vuitton when I want to be fancy and my Arden Cove bag. The days I use the Arden Cove purse are the days I feel a lot less stressed and ready to enjoy my adventures.

(Click here to order your very own Arden Cove purse for your adventurous travels!)

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