Hands Down, This is the Best Holiday Gift List for Travelers

I know what you’re thinking. “The best holiday gift list? C’mon Sebrin, that’s objectively impossible.” Sure, there are a lot of different personalities out there, but challenge accepted! For real, tell me there isn’t one thing on here you couldn’t give your wanderlusting, Secret Santa or bestie! From stocking stuffers to expensive, UH-mazing gifts, here are some of the best travel gifts this year for all budget types. 

Saje Travel Accessories ($10 – $70)

Travel can wear and tear on your immune system. Sure painkillers and supplements help, but they’re incredibly bulky (not to mention it’s all full of chemicals and harmful ingredients). Saje is one of my favorite wellness brands out there. Not only do they provide all natural products, but many of them are small and compact for travel!

(1. Cool Me Down Refreshing Body Care Kit 2. Travelling Farmacy Remedy Kit 3. Resortal Healing Skin Ointment 4. Safe Hands Antimicrobial Hand Lotion 5. Arrive Revived Jet Lag & Travel Mist 6. Eater’s Digest Digestion Easing Remedy)

Ceramic Jewelry Tray ($38)

Whenever I travel, I look for small decor that I can take back with me. But sometimes you don’t have the money or the packing space for that item you really want. Luckily, this ceramic jewelry tray solves all of those problems. It matches most beautiful bedroom decor and is made by local Moroccan artisans. Not only do you get a gift an amazing present but you’re helping locals artists thrive! Win-win!

Atlas Coffee (Subscription Varies $60 – $199)

Sometimes we want to try different foods or beverages from various cultures around the world, but can’t actually go there. Good thing you can get a taste of culture right in your own kitchen!

Atlas Coffee is a travel-themed coffee-of-the-month club that explores the world of coffee. Each month highlights a new coffee from a new culture like Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Burundi and beyond! This is the perfect gift for your coffee/travel-loving family member or a travel-themed Secret Santa.

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Phone Case ($60 – $70)

The bane of any traveler’s existence is an expensive, cracked iPhone! And it’s not just travelers that worry about a cracked phone. Dropping phones, water damage and simple case protection needs to be considered too.

OtterBox cases are the best phone cases out there. They not only provide shock absorption for dropping and water protection, but also provide great style. There are several models and colors and even a customizable option! But I find that a minimal design is always best on the road. (You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself as a tourist.)

GoPro HERO6 Black ($500)

We all know why GoPros are amazing: they capture wide views, can withstand the elements and are the perfect size camera for any vacation. That’s why you need to gift your wanderlust friend the newest GoPro Hero 6!

This gift itself is already amazing, but if you want to go the extra mile, don’t forget some of the best GoPro accessories! Some of my favorites are the adjustable headstrap, waterproof adjustable selfie stick and underwater dome


Scented Beeswax Candles ($6 – $25)

This gift is one of my favorites! Beeswax candles not only last longer but are much more healthy for ourselves and the planet. So long as the wax is cruelty-free, you’re set! And the perfect, affordable beeswax can be found at ZaxBeesWax. The scents are powerful and proceeds are donated to army veterans.

While seasonal candles are the perfect gift for anyone, tea light candles are best for travelers. The lavender scented tea lights in particular help to create a calming atmosphere and make any strange hotel feel much more like home.

Arden Cove Anti-Theft Waterproof Cross-Body Bag ($130)

Have you ever traveled to a wondrous, yet strange place and felt a little nervous about your purse? Maybe you heard a scary story about someone breaking into someone’s bag on the subway. Or perhaps you just feel uneasy walking around with a nice purse in the middle of Morocco. Let me tell you, I found the purse that will change your life and level of safety abroad.

The material is slash-proof, the zippers have locks to keep from sticky fingers, and the cross body chain will keep thieves from stealing it off your body. The best part is the compact size is still very roomy (I use it as a camera day bag).

Herbivore Botanicals Travel Accessories ($15 – $49)

Traveling can do a number on your skin and one of my favorite ways to combat dryness, circles and puffiness is through natural products. More specifically, Herbivore Botanicals. This is another all-natural product line with INCREDIBLY aesthetically-pleasing branding. These work as awesome stocking stuffers or White Elephant!

(1. Sea Mist Coconut Hair Spray 2. Coco Rose Lip Conditioner 3. Bamboo Charcoal Face/Body Cleansing Soap Bar 4. Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist 5. Coco Rose Body Polish 6. Mini Facial Oil Set)

Moroccan Glassware ($14)

Nothing says foreign, exotic globetrotter like sophisticated glassware from around the world. Made by the same artisans as the ceramic jewelry tray, this Moroccan glassware comes in blush, blue and white. Your giftee will invite friends over, pour some traditional Moroccan tea and serve drinks in your gift with pride.

Geometric Wall Map ($116)

Dreaming of your next adventure? We’re not all able to travel the world whenever we feel like it. So instead, make your place look like a place of global dreams and wanderlust inspiration. This geometric wall sculpture is modern and whimsical, making you want to travel the globe inbetween trips. This particular wall art is perfect on its own or as a creative collage of all of your travels!

DJI Mavic Pro Drone ($906 – $1,000 depending where you purchase)

Are you the best husband ever? Or maybe you’re just a magic mom who wants to give their child utter happiness. Whoever you are, if you happen to have lots of money to spend this Christmas, then the ultimate gift for your favorite traveler is a drone. And not just any drone, but the DJI Mavic Pro.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a compact drone with 24 high-performance computing cores, a new transmission system with a 4.3mi range, 5 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. Basically, the best piece of photography tech out there!

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack ($60 – $105)

Nothing screams “I travel around the world like a whimsical gypsy” like a super-cool satchel. Speaking from experience, Herschel backpacks are the perfect travel accessory! Instead of too many stupid pockets and extra weird stuff, Herschel has just enough to make you comfortable without overpacking. The backpack has one front pocket, a slot to weave in your headphones and very comfy straps. Plus, it’s incredibly wanderlust-y!

Personalized Travel Journal ($20 – $24)

I always seem to get journals as gifts. Dream journals, 5-minute journals, scheduling journals… you name it. But unless it’s super cute and matches my style, it stays in the corner of my room collecting dust. One of the best gifts you can give a traveler is the gift of collecting memories. These personalized journals are not only incredibly affordable but have a colorful, yet minimal vibe for any travel style.

Vintage Luggage Set ($345 – $1,095)

There are certain looks we all pine for so that we can embody the life of an epic explorer. Like those vintage suitcases you see in Titanic or The Lost City of Z. Now you can have the look of a vintage jetsetter with the functionality of a modern traveler. Steamline luggage creates beautiful, handcrafted luggage cases that embody the spirit of a traveler with classic style.

Normally, I would avoid vintage suitcases since they’re not compatible with our current style of travel in the 21st century. But these beautiful cases are an amazing exception. They come in a variety of matching styles and sizes, with trolley handles, silent-glide wheels, buckled leather straps and two TSA-approved locks. Perfect for any luxury traveler!

What Are Some of Your Favorite Gifts for Travelers? Share With Us in the Comments!

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