The 8 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now

After several years of travel, I’ve downloaded a ton of apps to help make traveling easier. Some I opened once and some I use religiously even when I’m not traveling. After trial and error, I’ve learned which are important and which are just plain dumb. So take it from me when I say these are the best travel apps to have on your phone!

The best part about these apps is that they are for everyone. Whether you’re a solo backpacker, luxury traveler, traveling domestically or monolingual, you will probably need/love all of these apps! Did I mention that they’re all free??

1. HotelTonight

I’ve used this app time and time again. Hotel Tonight is perfect for booking trendy, luxe or standard hotels for a discounted price when traveling last minute. When it comes to saving money on quick trips, there’s no better option. When I first used this app, you could only book hotels the night of. Now you can book nights at a hotel 7 days in advance. Plus, if you share the code with your friends, you AND the friend get $25 off of your next booking!

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Hotel Tonight App

2. Travello

Are you a solo traveler looking to make friends while traveling? Maybe you’re traveling with a group but want some info on your next trip? Travello helps connects travelers from around the world! You can find them by typing in your travel dates and seeing who will also be traveling there, start a forum post or simply privately messaging! And while the old fashioned way of making friends at your hostel is still totally cool, this app can help you find your future travel bestie (and weed out the weirdos).

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Travello App

3. Spot

Think of Spot as Pinterest meets Yelp meets TripAdvisor. Follow and create your own lists for the best coffee, happy hour and more based on reviews as well as pretty pictures. Because honestly, I choose half of the cafes I go to based on the gorgeous pictures I find through Instagram’s geotags. 

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Spot App

4. Google Translate

While living in Sweden, I used Google Translate on a daily basis. But back then, I had to rely on my laptop which I couldn’t very well keep in my back pocket. This app is incredibly helpful when you’re in a bind or when you want to just look up dirty words. One of the greatest parts about this app is that you can use it offline, perfect if you don’t want to spend a ton of data abroad.

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Google Translate App

5. Rome2rio

Have you ever wondered how you can get to your next destination the fastest? What about maybe the most cost-friendly way to get from place to place? Rome2rio helps get you to your next destination via trains, planes and automobiles. The app connects you to all convenient modes of transportation and their associated websites, no matter how obscure they are.

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Rome2Rio App

6. Airbnb 

If you haven’t at least HEARD of Airbnb, you might be living under a big ol’ not-traveling rock. Airbnb is a site where you can stay in someone’s home, apartment or room, allowing you to experience a more personal way to enjoy a foreign location. Some Airbnb’s are super cool and worth trying just to say you’ve stayed in a tree house or a penthouse. The app just makes it that much easier to book! BTW, this link gets you $35 off your first stay!

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Airbnb App

7. Waze

Driving in Los Angeles traffic during rush hour is like sitting atop a tortoise on Xanax. Or trying to get my comic-obsessed boyfriend to the exit off of WonderCon. Basically, it’s the slowest of slow. That’s why Waze has been a lifesaver! It provides traffic in real time with alternative routes so you can get to your destination faster. It also has cool ways to gain points (though, I’m not actually sure what you use said points on).

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; Waze app

8. been

This app isn’t actually helpful in any way. It’s just fills that weird, OCD, braggy part of ourselves that wants to check off all the countries we’ve traveled to. Simply type in the countries you’ve been to and watch the globe light up! I can’t tell if this app aesthetically pleases me in a calming way or in a weird way that makes me want to travel more! I JUST WANT TO FILL UP THE WHOLE GLOBE!

The 5 Best Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now; been app

What are some of the best travel apps that you use?

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