The Best Travel Gifts Found on Etsy

When it comes to gifting, Etsy is THE QUEEN! You’ll never find something so unique, personalized, or affordable than you do on Etsy. And if you happen to have a serious wanderluster in your life, here are the best travel gifts found on Etsy!

Catch Flights V Neck

This is one of my favorite V necks ever! Not only is it incredibly comfy, but is perfect to wear for any travel occasion (or when you wish you were traveling). The tee is a tad boxy so only order up if you want it to be incredibly loose-fitting!


Water Color World Scratch Map

I have my own scratch map, but it pales in comparison to this work of art! Instead of color blocked maps, this water color hidden under the gold foil is so much more beautiful.


Gold Airplane Necklace

 I’m all about that dainty jewelry! This is the perfect necklace to show off just a little bit of the travel bug living in ya.


Airport Departures Board

Because you just can’t get enough of that #airportlife, right? This art print is a lot less bulky than you may realize. Meaning you can hang it just about anywhere!


Travel Pocket Book

The cutest lil’ pocket book you ever did see! If you’re not into journaling, but enjoy scrawling random notes here and there, this is the best way to do it.


US Coloring Poster

Coloring books are all the rage for keeping comfortable on a flight, but what about a work of art you can hang? This print is perfect for idle hands and end up looking beautiful when you’re done!


Wanderlust Mug

Is it possible to have too many mugs? If you’re a tea freak like me, the answer is no. And if I can fill my cabinet with all of these, I would.


Vintage Travel Poster

Decorate your home in vintage luxury with some of these classic PanAm and TSA posters. Perfect for world travelers with style.


Travel Map Coasters

Coasters aren’t just for keeping stains off of your furniture. Think of them as little pieces of art placed around your home. Ones that showcase where you’ve been or where you dream to go!


Wanderlust Tee

This shirt is not only for you wanderlusters, but is incredibly minimal. Trendy and comfortable for every occasion.


Personalized Travel Journal

Keep track of all of your adventures with this personalized travel journal! It has blank pages so you can write, draw, sketch, anything!


Paper Airplane Necklace

These little charms are so cute. This kinda plane is perfectly offbeat and gets the travel message across (literally).


Monogrammed Leather Passport and Wallet

Normally, I’m not one to put all of my belongings in one place. But if you’re super careful and hold onto your valuables, this is a concise place to keep everything!



Travel Satchel

The ultimate travel satchel for the ultimate traveler! Holds 18 liters and pairs with just about everything in your wardrobe.


World Map Shower Curtain

You know when you’re standing bored in the shower as you wash your hair? Now you can enjoy your relaxing shower with this artistic shower curtain! It’s not only beautiful but totally interactive.

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