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Rent Awesome Dresses for Any Occasion with The Stylist LA

As someone with a case of serious wanderlust, it’s difficult to justify spending a ton of money on clothing and accessories when all you want to do is fly off to tropical destinations every other weekend. My spending priorities are as follows: travel, food, champagne, hair maintenance, more travel then clothes. But now, I’ll never NOT have something to wear thanks to The Stylist LA.Continue reading

A Perfectly Captured Holiday with Travelshoot

Have you ever looked at those perfectly poised pictures of your favorite, professional wanderlusters and wondered, ‘How do they have such beautiful photographs in foreign and exotic locations?’ You try to get your boyfriend or selfie stick to help take those elaborate shots with amazing angles, but you somehow end up looking like a potato. Now, looking like a beautiful jet-setter is easy with the help of Travelshoot!Continue reading

Tips for an AWESOME Disney Day

I may not be the ultimate Disney fanatic (I don’t have a Minnie Mouse tattoo, I don’t have Disney bumper stickers and I don’t have more than 3 pairs of Minnie ears), but as a SoCal resident, I’m no stranger to the Magic Kingdom. I tried to count how many times I’ve been to Disneyland since infancy and lost count at 35 trips. So naturally, I’m sharing my tips for an awesome Disney Day at the Magic Kingdom.Continue reading