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Dining at EATT Gourmet Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada

I love Las Vegas. Like, a lot. But I was looking for a different kind of adventure this time around. Specifically, a healthy, culinary adventure. And when I saw a new health food restaurant listed on Las Vegas’ 38 Essential Restaurants, I knew I had to give it a go. So my husband and I left the strip and decided to enjoy a dining experience at EATT Gourmet Bistro.Continue reading

How to Save Money on Food While Traveling; flatlay swedish food

How to Save Money on Food While Traveling

When most people create a travel budget, they assume that flights and accommodation are their biggest expenses. But when vacationers come back home, they’re often surprised they spent more on food than anything else! If you’re traveling on a budget or trying to make your trip last longer, this is how to save money on food while traveling.Continue reading

6 of Berlin’s Best and Trendiest Cafes

Wall maps, knick-knack shops, breakfast food, and hideaways. These idiosyncrasies are just some of the offbeat details that can be found at Berlin’s best and trendiest cafes. Whether you’re searching for brunch or a simple espresso, these cafes have what you’re looking for and then some. Check out these awesome spots and be sure to make a pitstop at one (or all of them) on your next trip to Berlin, Germany.

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