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Sydney’s Best Desserts

In the land of fairy floss, cronuts and the almighty freak shake, it’s safe to say that Sydney, Australia is foodie heaven, especially for those with a sweet tooth. While some traveler’s trip to Australia would not be complete without visiting the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach, those sugar freaks NEED to try the Sydney’s best desserts!Continue reading

6 of Berlin’s Best and Trendiest Cafes

Wall maps, knick-knack shops, breakfast food, and hideaways. These idiosyncrasies are just some of the offbeat details that can be found at Berlin’s best and trendiest cafes. Whether you’re searching for brunch or a simple espresso, these cafes have what you’re looking for and then some. Check out these awesome spots and be sure to make a pitstop at one (or all of them) on your next trip to Berlin, Germany.

Continue reading