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How to Travel When You Have a Bad Back

Hi, my name is Sebrin and I’m a grandma. Thanks to my old lady aches in my lower back, traveling can be a real pain in the ass (literally). But after many planes, trains and automobiles, I’ve learned several tricks to travel when you have a bad back. If you have a bad back and traveling causes you discomfort or pain, try these tips and tricks so that you can have excellent spinal health without sacrificing your travel plans.Continue reading

9 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on the Road

9 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on the Road

My worst nightmare is going on vacation and getting sick once I’ve arrived. Seriously, it’s the worst. All of that money saved and time off just to find yourself bedridden is enough to kill your wanderlust spirit. But after traveling and getting sick many, many times, I’ve researched and found many ways to avoid getting sick on the road.Continue reading