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Perfect Stay at Hotel Del Coronado; girl sitting on beach with ice cream

How to Have the Perfect Stay at the Hotel Del Coronado

When my father-in-law told me he was sending his wife to a spa for a week while they reconstruct their home, I thought, “Wow, what a sweet husband.” When he told me he wanted me to go with her to keep her company, I thought, “WHAT AN EVEN BETTER HUSBAND” (cause you know, I’m such a great spa guest to have around). And since I had visited the iconic Del once before, I knew how to experience the perfect stay at Hotel Del Coronado.Continue reading

Hotel Review: Dwaraka Royal Villas

After about 3 weeks of budget travel, Kevin and I felt we were due for a real honeymoon experience. We spoke with many travelers along the way and researched our options online, coming to the conclusion that Ubud would give us the real romantic experience while still getting the most bang for our buck. After much debate, we settled on Dwaraka Royal Villas.Continue reading