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Your Shitty Vacation Actually Makes You a Better Traveler

When it comes to a vacation gone wrong, we’ve all been there. That time we planned the perfect getaway, saved all of our money, took off time from work, got someone to watch our pets/children who act like pets… and the trip ended up being a disaster. For one reason or another, your vacation ended up sucking, bad. But despite your epic travel fail, you actually just did yourself a huge favor.Continue reading

That Time A Literal Volcano Erupted on Our Honeymoon

The news came on a beautiful, cool night in Bali. We were enjoying an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet on the Sky Garden rooftop with our new friends, Sarah of Fit Travels and her husband Paul, as the sun set in Legian. The evening was warm and we entertained ourselves as our fellow diners were single and ready to mingle. This was our last night in Bali, before we were to leave for Thailand with a layover in Singapore.Continue reading