The Clumsy Traveler’s First, Super-Cool Giveaway

You guys, I just hit the 10,000 followers mark on Instagram! And I’m celebrating the only way I know how: with the first ever Clumsy Traveler giveaway! I’m actually cool enough to have a giveaway! (At least, well, that’s what I tell myself.)

UPDATE: This contest/giveaway has expired.

Prior to my own Insta, I would see the occasional “thank you” giveaways when a particular brand reached 10k on Instagram. I never really understood what the hullabaloo was all about until I started running my own blog/business. But I get it now. I see the excitement. It’s hard to convince people you’re interesting!

So how am I celebrating 10,000 on Instagram?

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With my first giveaway, of course! As a thank you to all of you who found me interesting enough, pretty enough or just cool enough to follow (que?), I want to gift one of you super-awesome, amazing people with some handy-dandy travel products.

Here’s a list of the prizes for one lucky winner and some info about the companies that sponsored this giveaway. Remember to keep reading to learn HOW to enter the giveaway!

Erin Condren

The Company: Erin Condren, mother of two and active creative, wanted to start working from home instead of 12-hour work days. So naturally, she created notecards and stationary for friends as gifts. Since then, Erin Condren has evolved from just note cards and stickers to LifePlanners™ stylized organizers, TakeNote™ notebooks and much more beautifully designed products.

The Prize: A travel-themed planner, a travel-themed journal, ‘on the GO!’ checklist, wet-erase markers, elastic band trio and compliment cards

Why It’s Amazing For Your Travels: Journaling your experience is what traveling is all about! Recalling a specific moment, memory and feeling just reminds you how alive you felt in the moment. And recalling that moment in a sleek and trendy Erin Condren notebook makes reliving the moment that much better.


Herbivore Botanicals

The Company: Julia and Alex are a husband and wife team who created Herbivore Botanicals straight from their kitchen in Seattle. The goal was to make products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. Julia, Alex and the rest of the HB team believe in the power of nature and don’t use any synthetic ingredients, animal testing, parabens, or chemicals.

The Prize: One 2 oz. bottle of Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

Why It’s Amazing For Your Travels: If you’ve ever been stuck on a stuffy plane, suffered exotic humidity, or feel gross after extensive travel time, you know the importance of refreshing. This cool, hydrating mist is the perfect solution when you need some rejuvenation.

Clumsy Traveler Giveaway; Herbivore Botanicals rose hibiscus hydrating face mist

Salty Mermaid

The Company: Salty Mermaid Swim s a new swimwear line made for gypsetters, boho babes and the girls that march to the beat of their own drum. And while Salty Mermaid is still in the process of their launch, they make amazing, brightly colored crop tops that are perfect for your next beach vacation.

The Prize: Three crop tops (pink, blue and orange)

Why It’s Amazing For Your Travels: I can’t tell you how many times I wish I brought a casual top to the beach. My biggest problem is under or overpacking yet I never seem to have any casual options to pair with my bathing suit. These crops not only match with anything, but are super light weight for packing and are great for any place where the sun is shining.


HollyBeth Organics

The Company: HollyBeth, created by HollyBeth Anderson, believes we all have a responsibility to make the Earth a better place and must make we ecologically sound decisions when purchasing products. That’s why HollyBeth created non-toxic, safe products that are perfect to enhance your natural beauty and come straight from Mother Nature. In HollyBeth’s own words, “there’s no need to sacrifice the earth for luxury.”

The Prize: One 2 oz. bottle of Citrus Spray insect repellent – 100% USDA Certified Organic

Why It’s Amazing For Your Travels: After being eaten alive by mosquitos in Bali, I understand the importance of having bug repellent with you. I also understand the importance of organic, chemical-free products on your skin. This allows you to take care of your skin and treat it with love all at the same time.

Clumsy Traveler Giveaway; HollyBeth Organics Citrus Spray insect repellent

Coco Luxe Organic Coconut Oil in a Tube


The Company: Coco Luxe decided it was time that people had access to pure, natural coconut oil in a convenient, travel-size bottle! Their coconut oil is made from coconuts harvested in Fiji, raised by local Fijians, from certified organic coconuts. This sustainable and healthy company promises a pure-quality product as well as organic processes too, making sure no harm is done to the Earth or its animals.

The Prize: One 3.4 oz. Coco Luxe Organic Coconut Oil Tube

Why It’s Amazing For Your Travels: I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. I use it as makeup remover, body moisturizer, face masks, hair masks, cooking oil and more! I would seriously bathe in this stuff if I could. In the past I would buy coconut oil and put it in a travel bottle, which would somehow spill everywhere. This product works great for travelers as it’s 3.4 ounces (the exact size to bring on airplanes) and again, it’s organic!

Clumsy Traveler Giveaway; Coco Luxe Organic Coconut Oil in a Tube

How to Enter The Giveaway

Entering this giveaway is super-easy. So long as you have an Instagram. If you don’t, go ahead and create one now. I’ll wait.

  1. Follow @theclumsytraveler and the accounts of all brands participating (@erincondren, @hborganics, @saltymermaidswim, @herbivorebotanicals, @coco_luxe_organic)
  2. Like the original posted giveaway photo on Instagram
  3. Tag 2 friends and comment where you want to take your new goodies if you win!

Easy-peezy! Good luck to all of you good lookin’ entrants! The first Clumsy Traveler giveaway ends Wednesday, September 28th at 10:00 am PST. Winner announced September 29th!

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