Winter Wonderland Lookbook; blonde girl on Charles Bridge Prague chunky knit scarf and beanie snow

Cozy, Winter Wonderland Lookbook

After my trip to snowy, Central Europe, I decided to put together a winter wonderland lookbook so you can dress warm, pack light and look super cute while traipsing around the globe!

As a California girl, most of my wardrobe consists of: dresses, tank tops, shorts and the occasional no-pants day. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the warmest thing I owned prior to my trip was a satin-lined, wool jacket from 2012.

My trip to Central Europe during winter was fast approaching. I looked into my closet and realized I was going to be colder than, well… a half naked California girl in the snow.

Naturally, this meant it was time to shop.

My style is a combination of new and used. I spend most of my money on travel, so I usually shop at Wasteland for great labels and deals. But when I want to splurge on something a little extra, I justify it by knowing I’m generally a cheap skate and that I deserve it.

Knit Beanie | Extra Comfy Knit Scarf

I brought quite a few big jackets, but nothing warmed me up quite like this black parka. But my favorite part about this outfit is the incredibly comfy scarf and beanie. I found this brand through Instagram and I’ve been obsessed with them lonnng before my trip.

The scarf and knit are incredibly warm, however they are super delicate so make sure you wear with care.

(Get your own chunky scarf for 10% off! For a limited time, use checkout code “theclumsytraveler” until March 4 at 11:59pm PST.)

White Knit Sweater | Sneakers | Grey Fur Pom Beanie

That cozy, green parka is one of those lucky finds from a thrift store. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. 

I’m also loving my new grey fur pom beanie. My sweet sister gifted this to me knowing my poor head would be ill-suited for the vast temperature difference in Europe. THANKS SIS!

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