Dining at EATT Gourmet Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada

I love Las Vegas. Like, a lot. But I was looking for a different kind of adventure this time around. Specifically, a healthy, culinary adventure. And when I saw a new health food restaurant listed on Las Vegas’ 38 Essential Restaurants, I knew I had to give it a go. So my husband and I left the strip and decided to enjoy a dining experience at EATT Gourmet Bistro.

My husband and I drove about 20 minutes Northwest of the strip to find EATT Gourmet Bistro in an unassuming strip mall. Don’t let the exterior fool you as this dining experience will completely change your views on fine dining in Las Vegas!

We walked into a casual, up-beat setting full of bright colors and plenty of space. Upon entry, you will find community seating and a small, outdoor patio to your left. To your right are intimate tables for couples and large groups. Decorated throughout the restaurant is a contemporary, garden vibe.

We were the first to arrive and were slightly surprised by the casualness of the restaurant. After all, EATT features the executive chef Yuri Szarzewski, who spent two years working at the two Michelin star restaurant L’Oustau de Baumanière at Les Baux de Provence. Still, countless reviews all over the internet insisted this was the place to be!

Nicolas greeted us and took us to our table, explaining a bit more about the restaurant and its mission. His partners had come to Las Vegas in search for a great and healthy dining atmosphere, but failed to find an option that suited their desires.

So, they created one of their own! At EATT Gourmet Bistro, you will find gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and organic options at very reasonable prices (nothing more than $16).

We started our evening with cocktails and Nicolas recommended their best appetizer: the goat cheese tartine. A bit of goat cheese, pecans, foam-like honey chips served over a french baguette. I’m already a fan of goat cheese, but the crystalized honey chips really sealed the deal.

Sure the cocktails kept us happy and the goat cheese kept us, well, more happy. But that was nothing compared to our entrees and dessert. 

We asked Nicolas for his recommendations for dinner. Kevin ordered the duck breast with sweet potato and corn puree, baby corn, seasonal fruit, verbena and popcorn. Yes, you read that right. The savory crunchiness of the popcorn paired with the moist and tender duck was surprisingly delicious. It was safe to say that every morsel, including the sauce, was enjoyed.

I enjoyed the chicken breast served with French ratatouille and zucchini puree. I already love ratatouille and was not disappointed. But it was the chicken that had me at first bite. Completely moist, cooked to perfection and complimented the puree wonderfully.

But you guys know me. I can’t go anywhere and not eat ALL OF THE SUGAR. This one we left in the hands of Nicolas, because so far he was killing it!

The first was a homemade cream puff filled with a praline cream, chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts. The second was a macha tea biscuit with coconut mousse and passion fruit caramel. Topped with coconut shavings and orchid flower, I felt like I was instantly transported to Hawaii.

I’m a chocolate girl myself, but honestly I was obsessed with that macha, tropical goodness! Kevin inhaled the cream puff similar to his dinner (naturally).

By the end of our meal, we couldn’t believe it. We had just enjoyed a fine-dining, gourmet experience off the strip and at an affordable price. We couldn’t help but think of what this would cost or the lines we’d experience in the heart of Vegas.

If dining at EATT Gourmet Bistro is your next stop in Vegas, book here!

*Thank you to EATT Gourmet Bistro for hosting us. As always, the thoughts and opinions here are entirely my own.

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