Pack for a Two Week Trip in Winter

How to Pack for a Two Week Trip in Winter

Winter travel is full of exciting activities, beautiful sites and low prices. But one of the most challenging parts is making sure you stay warm. If you’re traveling somewhere cold, this is how you should pack for a two week trip in winter.

A two week getaway to snowy Sweden or icy Iceland sounds wonderful, but packing can be a nightmare. Winter clothes are incredibly dense and you don’t want to bring a million suitcases.

After traveling throughout Central Europe during January and February, I’ve learned which clothes are essential and what it takes to stuff a huge jacket into your suitcase. Read on to learn everything you’ll need!


(From left to right)

Black Long Sleeve Thermal | Casual Striped Shirt | Knit SweaterBlack, White & Grey V-Neck | Red, Vintage-Inspired Dress

The key here is layers. Your coats, jackets and boots are going to take up a lot of room in your bag, so you’re going to want to go easy on the tops.

You’ll probably need:

  1. One long thermal (to wear as needed on cold days or around your hotel)
  2. A cute, striped shirt (perfect for stylish shots indoors or lounging)
  3. 1-2 sweaters to wear indoors and outdoors
  4. 2-3 casual tees. I prefer solid color V-necks since they go with everything, but tanks or graphic tees will do
  5. One dress for any nightlife you’ll experience
  6. 1 pajama top (could be the V-neck if you’re limited on space)


(From left to right)

Comfy Black Legging Jeans | Classic Blue Jeans| Thermal Bottoms |Black Tights

You really don’t need more than 4 pairs of pants, especially since you can layer up here. Any more than these will result in a bulky suitcase full of bottoms that are totally not necessary.

You’ll probably need:

  1. 2 pairs of jeans, one blue and one black (try to find comfy fabrics and avoid high waists)
  2. 1 pair of thermals to wear under loose fitting jeans or as pajamas bottoms
  3. 1 pair of tights to wear with your dress or as an extra layer under your jeans

Pro Packing Tip: When packing, try rolling the bottoms with lighter fabrics and fold the heavier, cotton bottoms flat. This will save more room in your suitcase.



(From left to right)

Puffer Jacket | Luxury Black Parka | Beige Trench Coat

Your jacket of choice is completely dependent on the weather. You should bring at least two jackets. (Anymore than 3 and you’ll have a serious space issue with your packing.)

You’ll probably need:

  1. One parka/coat that you can use for everything
  2. A weatherproof jacket (like a puffer jacket or rainshell)
  3. A fashionable coat (though it may not be as warm, wearing layers underneath will help)

Pro Packing Tip: To help save space, try to wear your bulkiest jacket on the plane! If it gets hot when traveling, use it as a blanket, pillow or cover for your luggage.


(From left to right)

Beige Snow Boots | Black Rain Boots| Black Booties

I once heard a piece of advice from a travel blogger regarding shoes. He said, “Always pack three pairs of shoes. No more, no less.”

In general, I find this to be true.

My stylish, girly side will always fight this. However, I really do always end up wearing 3 shoes even if I overpack.

You’ll probably need:

  1. Snow boot or rain boot, depending on the weather
  2. Bootie (with or without heel, ideal for nightlife)
  3. Sneakers for touring around the city, only if it’s not icy or snowing (not pictured)

Pro Packing Tip: Lay the shoes down first in your suitcase and pack around them. Try to use them as a frame in your suitcase and fill the center with clothing.


(From left to right)

Mauve Scarf | Boot Socks | Mountain Necklace | Oatmeal and Wool Mittens | CC Fur Pom Pom Beanie | UpKnorth Nordic Scarf (get 10% off with code “theclumsytraveler” at checkout!)

This is where you can go a little crazy! Winter accessories usually pack light and can really diversify your wardrobe. Brighter colors will help make your outfit pop and different types of textures will change up the style 

You’ll probably need:

  1. 2 scarves in 2 different colors and/or textures
  2. 3-4 pairs of socks
  3. 2 paira of mittens/gloves
  4. 2-3 beanies/hats
  5. As much jewelry as you see fit!

Pro Packing Tip: For the scarves, beanies, and socks, try to roll them up in your boots. They are easily folded and can fit into nooks and crannies (without wasting valuable suitcase space).

You’ll find that you take your mittens/gloves on and off as needed, so try to put them in the closet pocket to your backpack or purse.

To keep jewelry from getting tangled, lay it flat in saran wrap and fold over.

What do you pack for a two week trip in winter?

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