How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali

Bali, Indonesia is not only one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, it also happens to be one of the most budget-friendly! You may have heard that you should spend $50 per day, but what about less than $50 a day? If you’re looking to experience paradise, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, read on to learn how to spend less than $50 a day in Bali!

Dwaraka Villas Indonesia-How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali


Previous travel experiences would have you believe that accommodation is the most expensive part of your travel. And in Bali, that’s true. Although, it might not be as bad as you think.

You can find a nice hostel in Bali for as low as $6 USD where a standard 4-star room will cost you anywhere from $21-60 per night!

Of course where you stay will change this figure. Jimbaran, for example, is a lot more pricey than Kuta. But with the cheap price of transportation, getting from Kuta to Jimbaran is a quick 30-minute ride away! Try to stay in the cheapest area and make a day trip to the more glamorous parts of the island.

To get the best experience, I recommend staying in a hostel one or two nights (with a private room) and staying in a luxurious villa another few days. You’ll get a taste of both sides of Bali and still be able to live out your infinity pool fantasies.

Average Cost per Day: $17.40 USD

Slow boats in the Southeast Asia ocean - How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali


There are a few ways to get around Bali, all at a very low cost. You can:

  • Hire a taxi: 50,000-300,000 Rp (depending on distance)
  • Rent a motorbike: 300,000 Rp (license) + 50,000 Rp (per day) + 7,000 Rp (per liter of gas)
  • Walk: Free
  • Boat: 30,000-300,000 Rp (depending on distance and boat)
  • Bike Rental: Free-60,000 Rp (most hotels offer them for free)

Of course which you choose depends on how far you are going and how safe you feel. I know travelers who have covered the entire distance of Bali on motorbike while others wouldn’t be caught dead trying to ride inexperienced.

I had the best intentions of renting a motorbike, but taxis just ended up being so much easier! Just remember to haggle with the taxi drivers. You’ll find that some drivers’ meters will be “broken,” but if you happen to find a working one, go with that.

We managed to get into a haggling war with taxi drivers many times over a mere 10,000 Rp extra! It’s addicting to get to the lowest price! Don’t be like us dickheads and just give ’em the extra 10,000 (less than $1!).

Average Cost per Day: 100,000 Rp /$7.57

Smoothie bowl - How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali


In the land of noodles, fruits bowls, peanut sauce and other exotic concoctions, you can try everything in Bali. Here is a breakdown of your average food costs:

  • Bottled water: 12,000 Rp
  • Nasi goreng: 26,000 Rp
  • Fruit bowls: 79,000 Rp
  • Street food: 40,000 Rp
  • Night of fine dining: 150,000 Rp
  • Sky Garden Buffet: 50,000 Rp
  • Beer: 27,000 Rp

This is where your spending can get out of control! Of course you want room service and beautiful cliffside cocktails, but you’re on a budget, remember? Get creative with your meal options! Book a hotel that offers free breakfast, try to get fresh and local produce or head to the Sky Garden for a dinner buffet that’s less than $4 USD!

If you manage to eat cheap a majority of your trip, there’s no reason you can’t have one or two fancy dinners with a lot of Bintangs.

Some of my favorite restaurants include: The Fat Turtle, Cafe Organic Bali, Bambu Restaurant, Watercress Ubud, Sisterfields, Ginger Moon Canteen, Nalu Bowls, La Lucciola, Nebula Restaurant

Average Cost per Day: 155,000 Rp/$11.73 USD

monkeys ubud sanctuary - How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali

Things to Do

Getting into the tourist activities, like parasailing or taking a tour, starts to get a little costly. But there are plenty of things to do on the cheap while still getting the full Bali experience.

  • Shop the street markets (and haggle!): 10,000 Rp – 500,000 Rp
  • Witness the sunset: Free
  • Visit the pool scene: Free-980,000 Rp (depends on pool)
  • Hang at the beach: Free
  • Volunteer/Work with the locals: Free
  • Surf: Free
  • Visit the rice paddies: Free
  • See a Balinese dance: 135,000 Rp
  • Explore a temple: Free-15,000 Rp (depends on temple)
  • Play with the monkeys: 40,000 Rp
  • Take a cooking class: 375,000 Rp
  • Practice yoga: 135,000 Rp
  • Visit the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre: Free
  • Go snorkeling: 50,000 Rp 
  • Waterbom Park: 520,000 Rp
  • Drink a ton of alcohol: 90,000-??? Rp

Average Cost per Day: 132,857 Rp/$8.06 USD

How to Spend Less Than $50 A Day in Bali

Average Daily Cost: $44.76 USD

Could you spend $100 per day doing all of the fancy and luxurious things that Bali has to offer? Of course you can! But with this breakdown of how to spend less than 50 USD a day in Bali can allow you to enjoy Bali without sacrificing quality or a good time.


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