I’m a Wife and I’m Excited About it

It’s been 46 days since I got married (and it’s #flashbackFriday, no less)! I need to sit back and think about this… I’ve been a WIFE for 1 month and 2 weeks!

This is no time at all really, but when I think of where we are now, what we’ve been up to… I can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly!

I started this blog in anticipation of our crazy honeymoon adventure around the world, which we had been planning for forever. Thus its subject is really dedicated to travel. But I had been trying so hard to keep with “the brand,” that I realized I never talked about other aspects of my life. I didn’t want to confuse the content and to be honest, stressing about seating arrangements and flowers isn’t something anyone wants to hear about anyway.

Still, I can’t help but think I left out a big piece of who I am. Traveling is a major part of my life and has a big piece of my heart, but my husband, my creativity and my life surrounding it is something worth learning about, right?

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been traveling for one month now, so imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox to find our wedding photos from our photographer a mere six weeks later! Needless to say, I’m obsessed. But they’ve also helped fill the gaps that my many wedding cocktails have created. For the record, my ‘French 76’ specialty cocktails were delicious and I regret nothing.

I’ve included a few of my favorite pictures so as not to overwhelm (and let’s face it, this isn’t a wedding blog). But I’m just so damn excited, I have to share!





BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_0666 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_0781 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_0851 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2151 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2159
BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_3726 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1535 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_4216 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1684 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_4417 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1049 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2128 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1189 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1230 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1272 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1249 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1909 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1941 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_1992 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2018 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2048
BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2404 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2325 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_4494 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2144

BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2460 BrookeBoroughPhotography_KevinandSebrin_SaddlerockRanchMalibuWedding_2856

The people that made it all happen….

Photography: Brooke Borough

Floral: Jenn Sanchez Design

Cake: Alan Zumel

Dress: Custom made by Brides by Liza

Suit: Vera Wang

Location: Chateau Le Dome at Saddlerock Ranch

Makeup: Justin LaMonte

Hair Design: Tami Ann Hair Design

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  1. These are GORGEOUS! You are GORGEOUS! The two of you together are GORGEOUS! Please… share away! While I looooove a good travel blog, I most definitely love getting to know someone as well. I love the little (and big – like weddings!) details of life. And I love celebrating the joys and woes with someone through blogs. So, whatever you write about and share, I’ll be reading! 🙂 xoxo

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