Not So Surprising Update: I’m Still The Clumsiest Traveler Ever

I’m halfway through my two-week long, solo journey through Europe. And guess what? I’m still the clumsiest traveler ever!

For those of you that follow me on social media, you might know that I am currently in Central Europe discovering Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic and Sweden. Some of you may also know that I am doing this solo and without my husband (although I am meeting friends/family along the way).

I decided to go on my first backpacking adventure to a foreign place without my husband in November. It had been so long since I traveled internationally that when I saw the low-cost tickets, I bought them without hesitation!

But traveling with Kevin in the past has made me soft.

Traveling with him didn’t make me like the rugged, hardcore traveler I once was. No… traveling with Kevin made me rely on his habit of planning, calculating and double checking everything. No bed goes unturned when checking out, no pocket goes unchecked before departing and no confirmation goes unprinted.

After traveling for almost 5 years together, I had started to think I wasn’t the clumsy traveler anymore.


Traveling without Kev reminds me just how clumsy, reckless or just straight absent-minded I truly am.

So here they are. The 5 clumsy things I’ve done during my solo travels throughout Europe. AND IT’S ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK!

1. I decided to wear not one, BUT TWO pairs of new shoes on the first day

Dumb, DUMB rookie mistake.

I was so excited to wear my new K-Swiss sneakers and $15 rain boots I got on sale at Urban Outfitters that I didn’t even think to wear them in. Like a travel virgin, I wore both pairs of shoes on my first walk about during my stopover in England. When I arrived back to my hotel, my poor heels were a bloody mess and ripped to shreds (cute, right?). Now my heels have been in agony just about every day since the start of my trip.

2. I got food poisoning on my first day in Budapest

Ugh. This was awful. 

Before my walking tour, I though I would make a smart, grown-up decision and load up on chicken goulash that I got from, what looked like, a certified street stall vendor (whatever that means). About 8 hours later, I was puking my guts out. Luckily, The Magazine Hotel was kind enough to let me prolong my stay free of charge and took excellent care of me. Still, that didn’t stop me from calling a doctor, getting 2 shots, and having him prescribe me a shit ton of meds (another reason YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE TRAVEL INSURANCE).

3. I found myself covered in strange and mysterious bruises and scratches, despite not drinking.

Granted, this was probably from me making a mad dash to the toilet about 20+ times. But I definitely don’t remember getting that bruise on that side of my neck. Or that scratch on my elbow. Did I mention that I didn’t even have a single drink at this point?

My poor body feels broken.

4. I left my charger in my previous hotel in Vienna

I finally met up with my brother-in-law who decided to take his own solo trip to Europe. Luckily, I was just getting over my illness and we had a great time! Such a good time that I left my camera charger and universal adapter in the wall at 25hours Hotel beim Museumsquartier. It took me a phone call, 24 hours and a subway ride to go get it, but still. Commmmeeee onnn, Sebrinnnnn. 

5. I paid too much for my cab in Prague

After a wonderful 3 days in Vienna, I took the evening train to Prague. The great thing about my getting sick was that I was actually under budget! So when I got to the Prague train station what did I decide to do? Give all of my money to a taxi driver! The worst part is that I kinda knew he was ripping me off, but was too tired to argue, make a scene or even give a damn. Until I realized how badly he had ripped me off. Oops.

I know what you’re thinking.

“But Sebrin. This is unlucky, strange, and straight up dumb. Not necessarily clumsy.”

Perhaps you’re right, reader.

And while I definitely define myself as a clumsy traveler, I find that not all of my adventures and stories are straight up clutzy. Most of them (the best stories, actually) are usually a result of my poor decision-making. Unfortunately, it seems like those things listed above will not result in a good story whatsoever.

But there’s still one more week of my solo trip and more than enough things to look forward to:

1. Staying at the Golden Key Hotel in Prague

My last hotel experience during my trip will be at Hotel Golden Key right next to the beautiful Prague Castle. And I’m incredibly excited about it! I had heard about this hotel from fellow travel blogger Kelly Ella Maz and it seems like the perfect way to wrap up my hotel tour.

2. Going to Kladno, Czech Republic

Kladno is located 30 minutes north of Prague. Here, I’ll be visiting the memorial of my great, great uncle, Anton Cermak. Anton was born in Kladno, moved to America and became the mayor of Chicago in 1931. He became an international hero when he was shot and killed in the attempt to assassinate President Franklin D. Roosevelt (though there is some that believe the bullet was intended for Anton all along).

3. Seeing good, ol’ Sweden

I owe a lot to Sweden. Studying abroad in Uppsala helped bring me independence, it flourished my love of travel and I created a ton of friends there (most of which I still keep in contact with). It’s been almost 6 years since I left Sweden and I can’t wait to go back to where it all began.

4. Partying with my Swedish friend

Speaking of Sweden, one of my girlfriends lives there! I was lucky enough to see this beautiful, statuesque Swede at my wedding in 2015, but I still can’t wait to see this beauty and party it up (as long as my poor, food-poisoned stomach allows it).

Stay Tuned For More Craziness During My Solo Adventures in Europe!

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    You’re doing a great job! I really enjoy reading Your articles about Your travelling and other adventures. I look forward for the other countries You’ve visited recently: Czechia and Hungary! Thanks a lot!

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