Clumsy Traveler Ada

Meet Clumsy Traveler Ada, of Everlasting Voyage

My latest series follows some of my favorite bloggers and their clumsiest moments. If you want to learn a little bit more of about these bloggers and hear their craziest stories abroad, stay tuned every Wednesday to meet some graceless wanderers! This week, meet clumsy traveler Ada of Everlasting Voyage!

Like my insta-friend Paloma, Ada has been around for a lot of my blogging and social media journey. And while we technically have never met, Ada is one of those girls who have been rooting for me since the beginning.

Instagram, man. Making friendships happen all around the world!

Ada loves to tell a good story (just like me) and is really good at it! Read on to see why Ada is a wanderlust junkie as well as her craziest travel moment in Morocco.

 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!

I’m a bit of a lot of things! I’m what people would describe as the overly expressive type-of-person, adventurous, personable, detailed, and weird. I’m not afraid to show who I am and I can be very open to new things. I, just as any other wanderluster, am someone who loves to travel.

I’m a part time traveler for now and am also still a newbie blogger. I write for my blog as a hobby but I love to share my journey (or as I like to call it my voyage) and the great travel opportunities I’ve had in the last few years.

One feature I love about my blog is sending out postcards to my readers of my latest adventure so they can enjoy a piece of what I’d experience in the smallest way.

Clumsy Traveler Ada

2. How did you get into blogging?

Truly, it was peer pressure from my family and friends!

No, really, I had always thought of a way to document my travels other than a personal diary and blogging seemed like it would be fun to do.

Of course, my family and friends were always rooting for me to start a travel blog and it only made sense to share with the world my passion for traveling and the journey I’d embarked on.

3. How long have you been traveling? What’s your favorite destination?

Well, when I was much younger, I had been to many different states all along the East coast of the U.S., especially when my family and I migrated from New Jersey to Florida, but I didn’t necessarily “travel” in the way that I do now. Traveling as an adult, I can truly embrace new cultures and all that this world has to offer.

Something I don’t share too often publicly is that my husband is in the U.S. Army and we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have lived in a few places around the world. In 2014, we moved to Germany and man, did the travel bug hit me hard!

Since then, I’d travel to almost 20 countries and about 45 cities all within an 18 month period!

Sebrin, choosing a favorite destination is hard, and you know that! I truly and dearly fell in love with Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany! Such a charming little town in the snowcapped German Alps where the grass is vividly green with cows grazing all around, where the mountains seem to meet heaven, and it’s the town where my husband and I feel we “belong” to most. I could go back a million times and still get this jittery excitement of going back to the mountains!

Clumsy Traveler Ada

4. So, what’s your clumsiest, craziest or most bizarre travel story?

Ok, here it is, what you’ve all waited for! This story has been passed around and repeated so many times, my husband is reading my response saying “here she goes again with the Morocco story”! Because really, this is my favorite story to tell! It was fresh, it was freaking weird, I was naive, but it had a good outcome. I even shared this embarrassing story on my blog!

So, last year I went to Marrakesh, Morocco (your favorite city, Sebrin, ha!) with two of my girlfriends, and it was an amazing trip!

Prior to our trip, we were planning things to do and sites to see and one of the things I had mentioned we could do was go to a Hammam. I wanted to get a “local” experience while in Marrakesh and well, I sure did! What I thought the Hammam was described to me as, was a very soothing spot to get a rejuvenating massage. What’s an all girls trip without a massage, right?

After getting lost in the labyrinth of the Medina, we finally found the location we booked the Hammam with “henna” application at. Upon our arrival, we were given a bathrobe and a paper thong. My girlfriends wore their bathing suits under their robes while I wore my bra and the thong.

We were escorted into a dark, damp room where we sat in a half circle mosaic-tiled bench with a large fountain in the middle. We all stood in our robes until the woman told us to take our robes off while we were together. We were a bit puzzled because we thought we were going to be in separate rooms. We had conformed to her instructions and embarrassingly giggled at each other. (I must add that we had only been friends for a few months, so our friendship was pretty fresh.)

We all had our tops on along with the paper thong. We were then instructed to undress completely. This is where shit gets awkward.

We were all holding our breasts and covering our other lady part wondering what in the world would happen next. We were told to stand in a line in front of the fountain while being completely bare. We had no choice but to frantically drop our hands as the woman reached for a large bucket of water from the fountain and splashed us with what seemed like Moroccan holy water!

We were laughing nervously but also freely. We’d seen each other naked for the last 20 minutes so we decided to just embrace our bare bodies in front of each other. Boy, was our confidence at peak!

We then stood alongside each other as another woman assists to rub down this tan cream all over our bodies in which she called “henna”. You see, I thought henna was like the henna tattoo they paint on your hand, not the paint they slab all over your body!

Next, we were rinsed off and scrubbed with what looked like a very rough hand mitten to get the dead skin off of our bodies. These women literally scrubbed us head to toe and everywhere in between! I sorta laughed as the woman lifted my breasts to clean me.

I won’t lie, this was starting to get really relaxing once they started massaging and shampooing our hair.

Later, we then rinsed off the soap and shampoo under one large shower head and just as you can imagine… together. As awkward as the beginning of this story may have seemed, this Hammam actually made our friendship bond stronger and we are all still very close friends! Oh, and FYI, we are all happily married to men. 🙂

Clumsy Traveler Ada

If you want to follow Ada’s journey, check her out on Instagram, Facebook and of course, her blog!

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