Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe, of Time Travel Blonde

My latest series follows some of my favorite bloggers and their clumsiest moments. If you want to learn a little bit more of about these bloggers and hear their craziest stories abroad, stay tuned every Wednesday to meet some graceless wanderers! This week, meet clumsy traveler Chloe of Time Travel Blonde!

If you’re into travel, then you’ve surely heard of the Time Travel Blonde!

From Instagram to Twitter to her blog, this girl is everywhere showing us just a glimpse of her life traveling all over the world.

Chloe reached out to me as nomination for a Blogger Award. To be nominated by a seasoned traveler like this was incredibly flattering. So, I took a peek of her world.

Naturally, I followed her. And I can’t tell you how relatable, yet cool this girl is.

Her pictures, blog and general self just seems like the kind of person I’ve known for years. And I knew she would have an amazing story to tell.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; girl looking in the distance at Zion

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Hahn and I run the travel and lifestyle blog, Time Travel Blonde. I’m a born-and-raised California girl now residing in the mountains of Denver, CO with my husband and our Shiba Inu pup, Phoebe.

I am continuously looking for the best way to explore the world, whether by food, fashion or travel, at the best cost possible. I’m a firm believer in traveling the world, both fabulously and affordably, one passport stamp at a time!

So on TimeTravelBlonde, I share my trips, both of past and present, and encourage other travelers to take the leap into world travel.

2. How did you get into blogging?

I’ve always wanted to get into blogging because I’ve always been a storyteller. I love sharing travels, weekend happenings, and basically having a creative outlet.

Funny thing is, I have always wanted to start one but the idea of putting yourself out there can be somewhat daunting and scary at times, so I held off for a few years.

So this past September, I got laid off and brainstormed ideas of how to make an income. During the interim, I decided what the hell, no time like the present to start this blog

So I got to work, literally stayed up all night learning as much as I could under the blogging sun, and launched TTB. And to be honest, I wish I started it years ago!

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; blonde girl playing with elephant

3. How long have you been traveling? And what is your favorite destination? 

I got the travel bug 6 years ago. Since then, I travel whenever time and finances permit it! Usually do a long international trip 2-3 times a year. My husband, pup and I do a lot of “weekend warrior” trips to various US cities such as Orange County, Las Vegas, and Chicago to name a few.

My favorite destination is probably Paris. Sooo freaking cliche, I know, but I just love that city. Every time I go my heart skips a beat.

4. So, what’s your clumsiest, craziest, or most bizarre travel story?

4 years ago, my husband and I went to Beijing, China for a week. We knew we were in for some culture shock but of course, there is no way to really prepare for how much to anticipate.

On our second day there, we went to Tiananmen Square and do some site seeing. What we weren’t anticipating were for the locals to absolutely love the both of us like we were celebrities.

I am not kidding, the pandaemonium was actually quite hysterical and we went along with it because it was just too fun not to! They would grab us, pose for pictures and jumped up and down with excitement. It was both the most bizarre and fun travel experience we ever encountered abroad.

So when we got back to our tour bus, we mentioned our “incident” to our tour guide, Ming. She burst in laughter and suddenly we both got really confused… Were we apart of a joke? Do they have Punk’d our here in Beijing?

Turns out, Chinese citizens near and far make a pilgrimage to Beijing once in their life. During this pilgrimage, they go to all the major sites, pay respects, and learn about their history and culture. A good amount of these citizens have never left their tiny villages and have never seen anyone blonde, tall or with green/blue eyes. We are simply a myth, a folklore character or how our generation puts it, a unicorn. So low and behold, when my husband and I “the unicorns,” entered their line of site, they freaked out. It was all things amazing, slightly creepy, and bizarre all wrapped into one. To this day, it has remained as my most bizarre travel experience.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; time travel blonde

A huge thank you to our girl, Sebrin, for asking me to be apart of your series! Can’t wait to meet other bloggers and read their amazing, comical and clumsy stories!

If you want to follow Chloe’s journey, check her out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, her site!

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