My Favorite Cocktails in Las Vegas

Having been to Vegas more times than I can count, I know where some of the best drinks could be found. These are my favorite cocktails in Las Vegas that you have to try for yourself!

Ahh Vegas…

A place where you can find celebrities, churches, prostitutes, casinos and drunk nudists all in one place, sometimes all in the same evening! That being said, Las Vegas is on of my favorite places to travel.

I love Vegas so much that I am planning 3 trips this year alone: my bachelorette party, my friend’s 21st birthday, and a spontaneous road trip with Kevin next week, because partying with prostitutes and cocaine is how we keep the romance alive (kidding, kidding).

Since Kevin and I decided to have one last “engaged fling” in Las Vegas next week, I decided to highlight my favorite drinks. From a fancy night out to your morning hangover, check out these cocktails when visiting Las Vegas!

The Wynn Cocktail at The Sinatra at Encore Resort

One of my favorite restaurants ever! Besides the impeccable service and amazing Italian food, the Wynn signature cocktail is the best choice for champagne lovers. This cocktail is served with Perrier Jouet Champagne and Hibiscus Liqueur topped with a hibiscus flower, making it not only taste good, but look fabulous. Plus, the Sinatra restaurant is the best place to take your date out for a little romance.

My birthday with my favorite drink!

Passion Punch Goblet at The Sugar Factory at Paris Hotel

Seriously, everything about this place is awesome. If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t go wrong with any cocktail choice on the menu. However, if you’re out with friends and looking for a fun fish bowl, the Passion Punch Goblet is it! The blood orange taste is the perfect amount of sweet and savory while the dry ice is so much fun. If you’re drinking it alone (cough, cough) be prepared for a boozy, sugar crash.

My Favorite Cocktails in Las Vegas
Passion Punch Goblet with Dry Ice

All About Mary at Todd English P.U.B. at Crystal Shops

So it’s the morning after your crazy night out. Your head hurts, you’re hungry but can’t stop dry heaving, and you just want this to be over. Insert the most epic bloody mary ever. For $35, you’re essentially getting a meal in a cup. The classic bloody mary mix is topped with shrimp, a hot wing, a bacon burger, green beans, and salami. And if you’re super duper sick, just save the food for later and chug that spicy bloody mix. Hair of the dog, right?

My Favorite Cocktails in Las Vegas
Hangover Medicine in a Glass

Prohibition Style Cocktails at The Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan Resort

This technically isn’t a single cocktail. Most of the drinks here are seasonal, so the drink selection is ever-changing. However, each drink is hand-crafted making each cocktail rich with flavor and very fresh. Plus the bar is absolutely gorgeous. It’s perfect for a classy night out and it’s always full of people. Ask your bartender for recommendations and they are sure to guide you in the right direction. My favorites that I have tried are the Summer of Love and the Kentucky Girl Scout.


Refresher Pitcher at Bare Lounge at the Mirage Resort

If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail poolside, Bare pool and lounge is the best! The Refresher is a single drink that you can turn into a pitcher (5-6 drinks per pitcher) for $65. With Stoli Ohranj, muddled cucumber, cranberry juice, sweet & sour and a splash of soda, it’s the perfect drink to keep you cool.

To avoid a hangover, I replace the Stoli Ohranj with just normal Stoli to reduce the sugar. And just as a reminder: this pool is an adult pool. It’s not mandatory to go topless, but 3 drinks into that pitcher and you’ll be flashing with the best of ‘em!

Yes, my top is off. Yes, that pitcher is empty....
Yes, my top is off. Yes, that pitcher is empty….

Bottomless Mimosas at Park on Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas

If you’re looking to get away from the crowded strip, this hipster restaurant in downtown Las Vegas is the perfect place to get buzzed on a mimosa brunch. For $20, you receive a bottle of champagne and a carafe of fresh orange juice to mix as you please! Plus this comfort food will ease your stomach from all previous cocktails.

My Favorite Cocktails in Las Vegas
Fremont Park by night

What’s your favorite cocktail in Las Vegas?

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