Our Big Plans for 2015!

Happy National Hangover Day New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and are having an equally awesome New Year’s day. I know Kevin, the kitties, and I had a wonderful night celebrating. Although we might have celebrated a little too hard since we woke up at 12:02 am in our footed onesies wondering what happened.

Wait. Wut?
Wait. Wut?

As my first post of 2015, I’d like to share what Kevin and I have been planning for this year! We’ve been doing research for months, saving pennies, and thinking deeply about our greatest desires.

After our wedding in September, Kevin and I are traveling to Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa for 6 months (give or take a few weeks)!

With my love of exploring new places and Kevin’s desire to travel, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to jetset as well as kick off our marriage. We’ve been waiting to reveal these plans for a while. I say the term ‘reveal’ because a certain fiancé is still a little nervous to tell his parents about our plans…

Below is our travel timeline. I’m sure some of these dates and locations will change, but this is what we’ve concocted so far.


OUR WEDDING! (Sep 6th): Just… the best.

Norway (Sept 20th): One of Kevin’s dreams is to see the fjords of Norway and learn a little bit more about his Scandinavian heritage. Having lived in Sweden, I am sooo excited to go back to Viking territory. So far, we’re planning on Oslo, Bergen, and Tromso if we have time.

Germany (Sept 26th): Kevin also has a fascination with Germany and WWII. My fascination is in beer, and lots of it. We’re giving ourselves 1 week to hit up Munich and Berlin. Expect lots of photos in lederhosen and dirndls. mood_oktoberfest October

Indonesia (Oct 5th): This one is pretty Bali heavy. It is our honeymoon after all. Throw in some day trips to Ubud and maybe a couple nights to the Gilis and we’ve got romance covered.

Nepal (Oct 12th): Ok, I’m pretty nervous about this one. We’re going to hike for about 3 weeks at the Annapurna Circuit. We don’t have much hiking under our belts just yet, but we do have some hiking trails in LA and some wedding weight to lose!


Thailand (Nov 4th): Our first round here will be Northern Thailand. I’m thinking Pai, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai. This round is all about relaxation. And some elephants.

Laos (Nov 12th): On one hand, I was pretty disappointed to find out that tubing in Laos has been shut down. On the other hand, locals are happy to have the indecency and disregard for their laws brought down to a minimum. And when I read a few travel blogs, I learned that the country is beautiful and the people are friendly. It will be perfect to prepare relax for the weeks ahead.

Cambodia (Nov 19th): This wasn’t at the top of my list, but after reading what other backpackers had to say, I don’t want to miss out. We actually don’t have a lot planned for this part of the trip and I’m hoping this country will be one of those places where we can see where the wind blows us.

Thailand (Nov 24th): This is where all of that relaxing comes in handy. This part of the trip is dedicated to the infamous Full Moon Party and Bangkok.

Drinking and Drugs and Tweens! Oh my!
Drinking and Drugs and Tweens! Oh my!


Thailand: After Bangkok, we plan on traveling to Phuket and go island hopping from there. So far, we’ve come up with Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe, and Ko Phi Phi. We’re open to suggestions!

Malaysia (Dec 17th): I have read from many travel bloggers that the Malaysian people are some of the nicest people they met while traveling. This is another place that we plan to just see what happens, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Singapore (Dec 24th): We weren’t planning on spending too much time here because of the major dollar signs that come with it. But we thought it would be fun to spend Christmas at Marina Bay Sands. And go-karting.

Myanmar (Dec 28th): Ever since I saw They Call It Myanmar on Netflix, I’ve been obsessed with visiting this isolated region. I’m not sure how I feel about celebrating the New Year here, so there could be some date switching.


India (Jan 4th): Kevin and I have to start working on our yoga and meditation, otherwise our stay in the ashram will be an unfunny joke. If our bodies and minds allow us, we’re going to stay in an ashram in Northern India and travel south for a few weeks.

Maldives (Jan 25th): I’ve been wanting to travel to the Maldives’ water bungalows long before Kevin even proposed. Did you know that the Maldives are predicted to flood and disappear before the turn of the century due to the rising water levels? One of the many reasons Kevin and I plan to have the lovey-dovey part of our honeymoon here. Maldives February

Tanzania (Feb 1st): I’ve been looking forward to this trip for years! Kevin and I will be volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania for a month! We also plan on visiting Zanzibar, Mt. Kilimanjaro and taking a safari.


South Africa (Mar ?): Kevin really wants to go to South Africa. When I ask him why, he says, “just ‘cause”. I think it’s because his doppelganger, Matt Damon, was there for Invictus.

Morocco (Mar ?): Two of my best girlfriends (and bridesmaids) went here while we were studying abroad. I was so bummed I couldn’t go with, but since I drank my spending money away, I sat and watched them ride camels through the desert and play with nomad children on facebook. Now, it’s my turn!

Italy (Mar ?): I wanted one last Europe stop before we head home and when looking at Skyscanner, this was the cheapest stop before going home to Los Angeles. Fine by us.

Home (Los Angeles): Wah wah. Maybe at this point in the trip, I can convince Kevin to stay longer.

But for now, we have a lot of saving, planning, and marrying to do! So until then, Happy New Year to all and may this year be your best year ever! IMG_1784 Anywhere else we should go? Have any advice for us? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I really enjoy reading this list. Like I told you on instagram, Tanzania has been one of the countries that I visited and fell in love with. I am sure you will have the time of your life on this busy but fun trip. If you ever feel like meeting up in Berlin for some beer, let me know 😉

    1. Thanks Natalie! I hear amazing things about Tanzania and your comment confirms my suspicions 😉 And you will be hearing from me around the end of September to take you up on that beer offer! 🙂

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