The Clumsy Traveler’s Holiday Giveaway

It’s November 15th–halfway through November–and our minds can’t stop buzzing about the approaching holiday season. Gifts need to be purchased, outfits are needed for holidays parties… And most importantly, travel is happening to see (or avoid) family from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. With that in mind, I want to help you save all of the money with The Clumsy Traveler Holiday Giveaway!Continue reading

24 Hours in Santa Fe; historical church basilica of st francis

This is How You Should Spend 24 Hours in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When one imagines the Wild West, one pictures adobe houses, dirt trails, Native American spirituality and a lot of Mexican food. Well, maybe that’s just me. Santa Fe not only met my western expectations, but exceeded them with its beautiful history and friendly hospitality. If you’re heading west for a short amount of time, here’s how you should spend 24 hours in Santa Fe. Continue reading

southwest Dominican Republic; beach shot of San Rafael lookout

8 of the Best Things to Do in the Unexplored, Southwest Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a paradise often visited by couples looking for a romantic retreat or families enjoying all-inclusive resorts. But if you think you’ve seen everything this island has to offer, you’ve got a lot of exploring to do! The southwest Dominican Republic is a vast region varying in landscapes and hidden sites. From undiscovered waterfalls to untouched beaches to the region’s first vineyard, the DR as you know it is long gone.Continue reading