This is What You Should Pack for a Trip Up the California Coast in the Summer

California is like it’s own mini country. From beautiful coastal cities to chic desserts and all types of people in between, there’s a lot to see! But a lot of different cities and weather means a lot of different looks. If you’re wondering what to wear on this epic trip, this is what you should pack for a California road trip.Continue reading

Staying at El Cordova Hotel on Coronado Island, California

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in California. And in that city lies Coronado Island, a charming and unique neighborhood consisting of well-to-do San Diegans, navy personnel and tourists. But outside of the famous Del lies an offbeat property known as El Cordova, where you can experience a much more intimate side of the island that most tourists aren’t privy to. Continue reading

Your Shitty Vacation Actually Makes You a Better Traveler

When it comes to a vacation gone wrong, we’ve all been there. That time we planned the perfect getaway, saved all of our money, took off time from work, got someone to watch our pets/children who act like pets… and the trip ended up being a disaster. For one reason or another, your vacation ended up sucking, bad. But despite your epic travel fail, you actually just did yourself a huge favor.Continue reading

How to see Pismo Beach; beach view water ocean

How to See Pismo Beach, California in a Weekend

You might have heard of Pismo Beach, especially if you’ve taken a road trip up PCH. But this hidden spot still remains to be a quiet, quaint beach town practically untouched on the Central Coast of California. If you feel like going somewhere a little different than a typical trip to Big Sur or Santa Barbara, then here’s how to see Pismo Beach, California.Continue reading

Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Prague; street view

The Best Hidden Sites of Prague That Tourists Never See

When I decided to go to Prague, I knew what was on my must-see list: walk across the Charles Bridge, fall in love with Malá Strana, and drink as much absinthe as I could possibly stomach. And while all of those things are wonderful (albeit, crowded), there’s so much more to this city than the typical slew of tourist must-sees. Continue reading