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How to Have the Perfect Stay at the Hotel Del Coronado

When my father-in-law told me he was sending his wife to a spa for a week while they reconstruct their home, I thought, “Wow, what a sweet husband.” When he told me he wanted me to go with her to keep her company, I thought, “WHAT AN EVEN BETTER HUSBAND” (cause you know, I’m such a great spa guest to have around). And since I had visited the iconic Del once before, I knew how to experience the perfect stay at Hotel Del Coronado.

Linda (aka my new mama) and I arrived on a cloudy Monday to this iconic and haunted hotel.  The beginning of any trip is full of excitement and anticipation. So we started our vaca like any other, overwhelmed travelers: we got drunk.

We took in our surroundings, enjoyed our drinks and put a plan together. Our weekly itinerary was pretty simple:

Monday: Kick off our stay with beers and margaritas at Sun Deck Grill.

Tuesday: Wander around Gaslamp San Diego, enjoy the hotel pool and dine at Sheerwater for dinner.

Wednesday: Chill at the Seaside Spa & Salon private pool and enjoy a massage.

Thursday: Check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and sip on cocktails at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar.

Friday: Take in some sun, walk around the beach and head back to Sheerwater.

Saturday: Enjoy a second day at the Spa & Salon private pool and enjoy authentic Mexican food at Miguel’s.

Sunday: Stuff our faces at the extravagant Crown Room Brunch and head home.

Pretty chill, right? Oh and BTW, every single one of those days included a trip to MooTime Creamery and I’m not ashamed.

(Don’t think for one second I could afford this extravagance. This is all thanks to my father-in-law. Thanks Dad!) 

But Friday was one of my favorite days at the Del! One of the greatest parts about traveling is meeting new people. And now that we’ve got the world wide web, it’s become a lot easier! Especially since becoming a member of Facebook’s Girls Love Travel Group. Being part of this female group of travelers is awesome! I get travel inspiration, travel questions answered and sometimes meet new people! Like Sara. 

Sara is a photographer I connected with on GLT and, lo and behold, she just so happens to live in Ocean Beach (lucky duck)! I suggested that we meet up at the Del and take pictures (like the awkward blogger I am). Surprisingly she said yes, though I’m sure a day at this amazing hotel was pretty enticing.

When we met, we clicked instantly. Sara reminded me just how awesome the internet could be (so long as you’re not on Tinder or being catfished). We connected as if we were old friends, which meant we could be weirdos like old friends. And what do two weirdos who don’t know each other do? Go ghost hunting!

The pictures below are just a few snaps of our fun, weird and semi-creepy day.

Seriously, how talented is this girl? I don’t meet up with photographers too often and it’s not unheard of for me to act like a super freak with people (like this one time). But honestly, Sara and I had the best time! I’m sure you’ll see more of her work on my page soon!

To work with Sara, contact her through her website or Instagram!

We were only supposed to stay for 5 nights, yet somehow our time went by way too quickly. Linda and I made the executive decision to stay one more night which meant we would enjoy the best brunch ever held in the Crown Room! I would seriously go back just for the brunch.

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Have You Ever Visited the Hotel Del Coronado? What Was Your Favorite Part?

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! Sipping on cocktails in a spa… doesn’t get much better than that 😉 And the photos Sara took are incredible, very talented indeed!

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