Roundway Trip from Los Angeles to Oslo is $327

Say WHAT?!

Last night, while looking up flights for my honeymoon (a wonderful 6 month excursion that I shared with you), I found a round way trip from Los Angeles to Oslo for $327!

How did I find this?

Skyscanner is a search engine comparing the cheapest options for all airlines, hotels, and cars. It’s not much of a secret in the travel blogging community, so why am I sharing it with all of you? Because of my mama!

Pardon my Geisha face

After finding this amazing deal, I texted my Mom. (Everyone texts their Mom travel deals, right?) After her excitement, she asked me to put it on my blog. I shook my head originally knowing that this tool wasn’t a secret and that I’d be blogging about something that travel bloggers already know about. Until she reminded me that this wasn’t so. This blog is for my family and friends, most of which have never even heard of skyscanner! “…I would be afraid to try a site like that thinking it might be a scam or really crappy airlines,” my Mom texted. So thank my mom guys, because I’m about to show you a really awesome travel hack!


So here’s how to do it:


Type in and you’ll reach the homepage. In the ‘From’ field, enter: LAX and in the “To” field, enter: Norway (NO). For depart, click on the calendar icon and press the ‘Whole Year’ option. Make sure to click Round Trip as well!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.16.50 AM


Once you click Search, the Select Destinations page will come up. You’re going to click on the first destination, which happens to be the cheapest. In this case it will be Oslo, but as availability starts to diminish, the cheapest destination might change. Click on this first destination.


Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.16.08 AM


Now, the results are shown as a bar graph. To the left of this graph are the prices and at the bottom are the dates. For the cheapest option, select the lowest bar. However, if you are looking for a certain date range, use the numbers at the bottom of the bars. Simple, right?


Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.15.46 AM


“But do I want to go to Norway?”

YES! Yes you do. You’ll want to go for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Between the fjords, Viking history, ‘The Scream’, the Northern Lights, dog sledding, skiing, hiking, and fine dining, there is so much to do!  Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its a major bucket list destination for many travelers. There’s a reason it’s our first stop during our honeymoon!

2. Use it as a Jumping Off Point

This same deal happened when planning my little sister’s first trip to Europe, except Sweden was the cheapest destination. She traveled to Sweden and rather than stay, she used skyscanner to book a very cheap flight (less than $100) from Stockholm to the Netherlands. She ended up doing a small circuit and returned to Stockholm for her flight back to Los Angeles. You can do the same! You can fly to Norway, hang out for a few hours, and fly off to Paris, Rome, or London!


My Mom was kind of right about one thing: there can be crappy airlines on skyscanner. This is where you need to do your homework a little bit. Once you click which dates you want to fly, the airline carrier will be listed on the left. MAKE SURE TO LOOK UP REVIEWS AND INFORMATION ABOUT THIS AIRLINE! Some travelers will take any cheap flight they can, while some of you may find that you’re not willing to settle on certain airlines. You can avoid any discomfort by checking out some reviews or looking into the airline’s website.

But don’t let that scare you away! I’ve been using skyscanner for many years and used many weird airlines that I have never heard of. To this day, I have not had any issues when travelling due to skyscanner or the airlines they recommend (knock on wood).

For you non-LA people, it’s not too late for you! Enter in your departing airport and you might be surprised to find an equally appealing price. It never hurt to look.


Happy Traveling Friends!


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  1. I heard about sky scanner. I was nervous about it. This is good to know. Thanks. Do you have any information about traveling to Brazil? I thought I would have to save for a couple more years, but with these prices maybe I can go next spring.

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