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With 150+ Amazing Ways to Save, You Have No Excuse NOT to Travel

It seems like no matter how much you save or what you do to earn money, life gets in the way. You get a promotion, but suddenly have to replace the car engine. Or pay for a vet bill. Or have a huge co-pay from that trip to the dentist. Each time life comes up, your travel plans seem farther and farther out of reach. If you want to amp up your game and save money for travel, then you absolutely need “The Clumsy Traveler’s Baller on a Budget Travel-Saving Guide.”

I’ve traveled the world for quite some time now. Over 20 years to be exact. And while that might sound cool or glamorous, I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. The biggest mistakes being financial blunders or really, getting ripped off–a lot!

I’ve spent way too much money on flights, lost money on expensive tours, booked at the wrong time which was super expensive and much, much more. These accidents paired with blogging for 2 years have helped me learn the ins and outs of budget travel and how to get most from your dollar.

After years traveling, trial and error, and learning from fellow bloggers, I want to pass my wise wisdom onto you. 

To all of my blog subscribers, I want to help you FOR REAL! “The Clumsy Traveler’s Baller on a Budget Travel-Saving Guide” is a completely free e-guide listing 150+ ways to save, earn and point collect your way to a cheaper (but still grand) vacation.

With the help of my e-guide, I’m passing on the best apps, websites, links and tips that will save you money before your trip, during your trip and even have you earn more money as you go! The best part? IT’S TOTALLY FREE!

Hear what some of my subscribers have to say:

“‘Saving up for a vacation’ is a vague concept that I never manage to truly fulfill, but The Clumsy Traveler breaks down budgeting in an incredibly straightforward and doable manner. She knows all the tricks of the trade and turned me on to some fabulous sites such as ‘EatWith’ that I will be using for my upcoming Tokyo trip.”

– Ali R.

“Smart and effective. A true time-saver and a sure fire way to get to your vacation destination! A must for any traveller.”

– Alan Z.

“The Clumsy Traveler’s E-Guide was super helpful to me when planning my trip to Europe! I love how all the tips are laid out and I can find what I am looking for quickly. It helped me make my decision on my travel credit card, and it also deterred me from taking out international currency from any place other than my own bank. I know that I am going to reference this e-guide while on my trip!”

– Greer V.M.

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get your hands on this free e-guide with 150+ tips for saving money. It’s actually super easy:

1. Simply click here to subscribe to my blog

2. Once you’ve entered the information, wait for a ‘Welcome Subscriber’ newsletter complete with a link to this priceless PDF

3. Click the link and be sure to save it to your desktop

4. Use the tips listed and go on all of the vacations

Seriously, that was the easiest thing ever. So now go tell your friends to subscribe so they can also save money for travel!

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