The Clumsy Traveler Honeymoon Around the World Video

There were some things during our honeymoon that annoyed Kev to high heaven. One, was my inability to be decisive about which restaurant we should eat at. The second, was my wanting to use my GoPro Hero 4 for EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. But ultimately, I made ‘The Clumsy Traveler Honeymoon Around the World Video!’

But after putting this video together, he regrets not having done more shots. CHECK IT OUT!

However, I want to point out something important. Videos like this are popular for projecting the idea of a happy, well-traveled experience (as do most social media outlets, right?). One would assume that this trip was all daisies and unicorns and rainbows and sunshine. And, a lot of it was!

What this video does not show was the years of planning, months of saving, nights going to bed angry with each other, nights going to bed crying over the trip, nights in because we couldn’t afford a social life, more fights, lazy days in bed on the honeymoon, hangry fights, dirty and reused clothes and general moments of hating life both before and during the trip.

But THAT’S what travel is all about. The good and the bad.

And we wouldn’t trade the bad times for anything!

Those hard moments made us grow as a couple, grow as individuals and realize the responsibilities we have. Not just to our marriage but to ourselves and our individual happiness. These crappy moments helped make us better versions of ourselves, better than the ones who said ‘I do’ only 3 months ago.

So while this video portrays the fun and exciting part of our journey, don’t forget that this is just a snapshot. And that, to share our memories with you and our future-selves, we did this for fun and nostalgia purposes. NOT to imply that our trip was perfect.

8 comments on “The Clumsy Traveler Honeymoon Around the World Video”

  1. Wow, that was SO BEAUTIFUL! I believe that I even teared up at seeing the pure love shared between you two. I can’t say that I know you, and I know that there is no perfect love/relationship/life, but there are pure moments of magic and deep adoration. How incredible it was to be able to sneak a peek at a few of yours. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Aw LIZ! You’re too kind. That means so much to me coming from such an insightful and emotionally intelligent person like you 🙂 Thanks for watching and commenting

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