Staying at The Magazine Hotel and Apartments in Budapest, Hungary

If you’re anything like me planning your trip to Budapest, then you might not even know where to begin! But first things first, let’s talk about where you’re going to stay: The Magazine Hotel and Apartments.

My first time in Budapest was met with a lot of uncertainty. I didn’t know much about Central Europe and all of my information about the area was hearsay from other travelers. What were the people like? Where should I go or avoid? Would I like it here?

Fortunately for me, my experience at The Magazine Hotel and Apartments really set a precedent for my first time in Hungary!

The Property

The Magazine Hotel & Apartments is an intimate and boutique hotel experience providing a little bit more of a chic, contemporary homey-feel than your standard hotel. Known for its fashionable and minimal design, this is the perfect hotel to unwind and enjoy its simplicity. With 12 very different rooms and 4 apartments, there is specific style for just about everyone.

Upon entering the hotel, one would think that this style of hotel caters to young professionals and luxury travelers looking for a more cozy space to get away. However after looking at the cost per night, you soon realize that you too are part of the young, hip crowd that can enjoy this boutique hotel.

But the primary reason to stay here isn’t the urban design or wonderful price, but the impeccable location! The Magazine Hotel and Apartments is located right in the city center, steps from St. Stephen’s Basilica, ruin bars and many other wonderful landmarks!

The Amenities

This boutique property isn’t like your typical hotel. You won’t find extra fragrant shampoo bottles or ostentatious carpeting. Instead, it’s more like your home complimented with the bare, yet glamorous, necessities that make your stay unforgettable.

Should you decide to book the Panorama Suite (pictured), you will be greeted with a view that you could only dream of (or pay heavily for elsewhere). The Panorama Suite is situated on the corner of St. Stephen’s Basilica square with the most impressive view of the landmark itself. Listen to the bells chime or kick back and watch some Hungarian TV in this spacious and glamorous room.

  • An air-conditioned unit
  • Flat-screen TV with cable channels
  • A locked cabinet to store your valuables
  • A hairdryer in the bathroom
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Complimentary wifi
  • Double beds in every room

Should you stay at The Magazine Hotel and Apartments, you will get an insider’s guide to the best of Budapest.

Along with concierge service, you can find a large map and brochure of things to do in the surrounding area. Most people think the Buda Castle, The Chain Bridge and St Stephen’s Basilica when wandering the streets of Budapest. Luckily, this hotel is located in the heart of all of these major attractions.

The Staff

I can’t talk about the staff at The Magazine Hotel and Apartments without talking about my brief illness that occurred in Budapest.

After about 36 hours in Hungary, I got a strange stomach virus that, at the time, I could only assume was food poisoning. Not only was I miserable and just plain sick, I was super lonely and afraid. “How do I check out if I feel so sick?” “Should I call a doctor?” “What am I going to do about food?

Despite the fact that this hotel is a little bit more hands-on (there isn’t any room service or a phone to call the front desk), the staff made me feel incredibly taken care of. The manager of The Magazine Hotel was kind enough to extend my reservation when she saw I could barely walk. The staff also provided me with bread (since that was all I could eat) and helped me call a doctor.

These practices might be standard at any hotel, but it wasn’t just these actions that made me feel better. It was their compassion, sincerity and ability to make me feel like I was going to be OK.

I can’t tell you how bummed I was that I missed out on so much of Budapest. But if I were going to be sick, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to take care of me.
Thank you to the The Magazine Hotel and Apartments for hosting me during my stay in London. As always, the content and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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