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As someone with a case of serious wanderlust, it’s difficult to justify spending a ton of money on clothing and accessories when all you want to do is fly off to tropical destinations every other weekend. My spending priorities are as follows: travel, food, champagne, hair maintenance, more travel then clothes. But now, I’ll never NOT have something to wear thanks to The Stylist LA.

You could imagine the minor freak out I experienced when I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear for my photo shoot with Travelshoot. I didn’t want to buy a very expensive outfit just for this occasion (cause we all know once an outfit is posted on social media, you can’t ever wear it again). Thus, I decided to turn to The Stylist LA for my fashion emergency. 


Who is The Stylist LA?

The Stylist LA is a designer dress borrowing service located in Los Angeles, California. The Stylist LA aims to bring stylish clothing to women who wish to dress a certain way, but do not want to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Think of it as borrowing clothes from your very rich and fashionable girlfriend.

And The Stylist LA boasts an impressive client list. Miss USA Olivia Jordan, The Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley and The Bachelor contestant winner Lauren Bushnell are just a few of the ladies who love going to The Stylist LA for their fashion fix. Clearly, The Stylist LA is doin’ something right with these winners.


How Does it Work?

The Stylist LA has two very easy ways for you to be able to get your outfit:

The first method allows anyone in the United States to order a dress from their website. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Search for your desired look from their large selection
  3. Select the date you would like your outfit delivered
  4. Enjoy your outfit
  5. Return with the pre-paid return envelope within 5 days of receiving the outfit

The second method allows anyone in the Los Angeles area to come down to their showroom in person to have your very own fitting!

Lucky for me, I live in the greater LA area and was able to shop away. From the moment I stepped in, I felt like I was amongst friends. Friends that wanted me to look good.


I met with Emily, owner and founder of The Stylist LA, and told her exactly what I was looking for. I had a particular idea of what I wanted based on what was on their site, but Emily gave me great advice for dresses that photograph well and look different than your average sun dress. She provided me with different styles, colors and fits.

As I tried dresses on, I never felt so comfortable and confident. They had a variety of sizes that fit my body type and the girls didn’t hesitate to make me feel like I was a freakin’ queen.

In the end, I went with Emily’s personal favorite: the Gracie Dress by Lovers & Friends.

What Kind of Clothes Do They Have?

The Stylist LA has a wide variety of clothes for every occasion. From gowns and cocktail dresses to rompers and summer dresses, you will find whatever it is that you need. You can enjoy well-known or California local labels like Nightcap, The Jet Set Diaries, Lovers & FriendsYumi Kim and more.

If you’re visiting the store, simply tell the ladies what the event is that you’re dressing for and they’re sure to give you the perfect dress for the occasion.


Why Should I Use The Stylist LA?

If having an ever-revolving closet full of designer dresses at low prices hasn’t persuaded you, then the friendliness and convenience will. 

Not even in a clothing store do you receive such pristine, friendly service. Should you decide to order a dress online, all you need is the click of a button, a card and a mailing address. What could be easier than that?

And the prices, man. They just can’t be beat. The Antoinette Gown by Nightcap, for example, costs $649 (not including tax). To rent the same dress from The Stylist LA is a fraction of the price at $85 for 5 days!

Unlike its competitors, The Stylist LA has more recent and trendy clothing, a longer rental time and impeccable customer service.


Is it Worth It?

If you have a tight budget, have an event to dress up for and enjoy the finer things in life, The Stylist LA is totally worth it! When in the store, I saw countless girls looking for something to wear with The Stylist LA. They were shopping for The Yacht Week, weddings, casual weekend events and, of course, photo shoots. These clothes are gorgeous and will make you feel so confident without you having to drop a grip of money for a single event.

The proof is in the pudding, ladies. Check out photos from my day with Travelshoot to see what I mean!

You'll Never NOT Have Something to Wear with The Stylist LAOrange dress and girl near Hollywood Sign - You'll Never NOT Have Something to Wear with The Stylist LA

Special thanks to The Stylist LA for providing me with a dress for my photo shoot. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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