30 Signs That You’re a Complete Travel Junkie

Do you obsess over travel before, during and after your trip? Are you constantly talking about travel to your friends and family? To put it simply… are you a travel junkie? Here are 30 signs that you’re head over heels in love with traveling (but to be honest, you wouldn’t have it any other way)!

  1. You’re depressed the minute you get on the plane back home. And stay depressed until your next trip.
  2. Despite there only being $50.00 in your bank account, you’re researching your next vacation.
  3. You feel more at home in the air than you do on the ground.
  4. Most of your friends are from around the world. (And you basically have no one to hang out with at home.)
  5. You follow a healthy and basic diet at home, but all bets are off when you travel and are faced with escargot, chicken tajine or all of the alcohol ever. You're a Complete Travel Junkie
  6. Your travel bucket list simply reads “Everywhere.
  7. Everyone calls upon you for travel information, which is more of a compliment than a problem.
  8. You only receive new clothing on your birthday or on holidays because you save all of your money for traveling.
  9. When you do decide to buy clothes for yourself, you insist they come from foreign destinations.
  10. Friends are kind of, sort of, super annoyed of your travel stories and can’t handle your awesome adventures.
  11. You’d never waste your time on a book or movie that doesn’t inspire your wanderlust.
  12. You put yourself in real, life-threatening danger to take amazzzzzing travel photos.
    Want to Visit Arizona
  13. You’ve either thought about or have a tattoo involving a globe, a plane, a compass or some other worldly-type thing.
  14. Adding pins to your map at home is your most brag-worthy, visually appealing possession. 
  15. You kinda wanna get a tattoo in a foreign destination. Just because it’s cooler that way.
  16. Nothing excites you anymore. Nothing, but travel.
  17. You ask for cash, credit cards, gift cards and vouchers for presents so that you can travel ALWAYS.
  18. You follow at least 15 travel bloggers on Instagram and/or are part of a travel group on Facebook.
  19. The time between your vacations seems longer and more awful each time.
  20. Your greatest collection consists of one or more of the following: passport stamps, foreign currencies or postcards.

    Travel Junkie

  21. Planning your next trip sometimes happens while on your current trip.
  22. Time is your biggest fear. Because you just might not see every place on your bucket list.
  23. You research jobs that allow you to travel while at your current job that you secretly hate.
  24. Traveling solo isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s preferable.
  25. You’ve become thrifty as hell. You know where to get the best deal, when to book a flight, how to travel hack and save more money than anyone you know.


  26. You have considered or actually have sold all of your belongings to travel the world.
  27. People often misunderstand you because they can’t possibly relate to your insatiable wanderlust.
  28. You live out of your suitcase for at least a month after you return from your trip (that is, if you’re home for that long).
  29. You have actually put yourself, or considered putting yourself, in harms way to get to your destination. (Think hitchhiking, sketchy buses, old tuk-tuks, Ryanair, etc.)
  30. People often think you’re running away, and maybe that’s true. But you’d rather wander the exotic and unknown than face the monotony and boring-ness every single day at home.

What are some other signs that you’re a wanderlust-obsessed, nomadic, travel junkie?

3 comments on “30 Signs That You’re a Complete Travel Junkie”

  1. This is a very well thought through list 🙂 and I could identify with almost all the 30 points. But my favorite is “Planning your next trip sometimes happens while on your current trip”. Invariably, on the flight back home, to feel a little less glum, my wife and I start discussing where we should travel to next. It’s so therapeutic! 🙂

    1. I’ve had a lot of time to think about it seeing as I’m stuck in my home state and think about it ALL OF THE TIME, haha. But ya, I agree with the planning the next trip. It’s not about being spoiled or ungrateful, it’s a way to see a future and hope when coming home to a less than exciting environment. At least, that’s how I see it 😛

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