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10 Easy Ways to Make Flying Coach Insanely Comfortable

Traveling around the world is more affordable than ever! You can travel to Europe, Asia and back for less than $2k if you tried really hard. But that also means sacrificing comfort, specifically your airline comfort. Here are just 10 ways to make flying coach feel comfortable and almost feel like home… almost.

1. Bring a Soothing Scent From Home

No, you can’t bring Febreeze or your favorite Yankee Candles from home. But something lightly scented will completely transform your journey. I always have a lightly scented face mist to refresh and reboot. I also like to bring chamomile tea with lavender. Not only is chamomile just the most relaxing herb out there, but the scent helps mask the odor of the sweaty guy 1.5 inches away from me.

2. Bring The Comfiest Socks or Slippers You Own

Yeah, everyone wants to look smoking on their way to the airport (#jetsetterlife). But when your leg room equals that of a shoe box and your purse is smashing your feet, you’ll regret wearing those boots. Wear the comfiest slippers or fuzzy socks you own. And make them bright because you should OWN that fashion choice.

3. Use Your Pillowcase From Home

I don’t care how wrapped up or clean those airline pillows are. They give me the willies. But 2 hours into the flight and I’m cramped, tight and tired. I eventually sacrifice my germaphobic morals and use that damn pillow, which doesn’t even provide any comfort, all while getting about 30 minutes of actual sleep. Instead of bringing your huge pillow, bring your own pillowcase. You know it’s got your germs on it and it smells like home. Shove that airline pillow, your jacket and anything else remotely squishy for comfort and support. Bonus points if your pillowcase is silk (to avoid acne and wrinkles)!

4. Treat Your Time Spent in The Air Like a Spa Date

At home, you’d probably spend your free time watching TV while you put on a face mask and paint your toes. Who’s to say you couldn’t enjoy those same activities on the plane? Except the toenails part. Put your funky feet away. Use this time to relax and pamper yourself. Get those under eye masks sheets to reduce bags under your eyes. Use a clay mask to remove impurities from your pores. And moisturize the hell out of your face and neck. Once you touch down on the ground, you’ll be radiant!

5. Bring Food From Home

You’d be surprised just how much food eases your stress. Aside from the physiological reactions caused by food (like the release of serotonin), food reminds us of particular happy memories. Think how turkey breast might remind you of Thanksgiving and family or how candy reminds you of the thrill of Halloween. Normally, I would suggest you bring something healthy instead of the TV dinners the airlines provide. But we’re aiming for comfort here, not strict dieting. So bring sealable food in your carry-on that reminds you of happy memories and will bring you much-needed comfort.

6. Cancel Out the Noise

I love listening to music while I fly. I mean, how else am I supposed to pass the time? But it can really pull you out of a comfortable half-nap when you hear babies crying, passengers talking or the flight crew spewing those endless safety features. And we all know that those new Apple earbuds just won’t get it. Try to get noise cancelling headphones to completely remove yourself from your loud surroundings.

7. Take Care of Your Back

Airplane’s might possibly have the most uncomfortable seats in history. They recline about 1 inch, they’re stiff as a board and their width is so small that you’re always touching the guy next to you. It’s no wonder I’ll come out of a flight feeling super achy! If you were home, your boyfriend or mom would totally rub your back. But on a flight, makes sure you practice good posture, walk around a bit, bring an Icy Hot Patch and some pain pills if necessary.

8. Get a Nice Buzz

I’m all for having a SUPER RAD TIME in the air. But one time I had too many mini-bottles of wine on an Emirates flight and my 8-hour connection in Dubai was basically a one-day trip to hell. I don’t think I’d ever been so hungover in my life. And I had as many drinks as I normally do back home! The altitude makes you insanely dehydrated so make sure you cut back on your intake or drink a ton of water. Either way, you’ll be using the bathroom a lot.

9. Hide From the Light

You can’t control the guy next to you who insists on reading his book during your redeye flight. But you can control your ability to shut it out. You should always have an eye mask with you, even if you think you can’t sleep. Because even if you can’t, you can pretend you are and just ignore everyone.

10. Unplug

One of my favorite things about flying back in the day was being forced to disconnect. Sure I resisted at first, but I secretly loved the forced “me” time. Now with in-flight wifi, you can surf the internet, tweet and snap your whole journey. STOP THAT! Unless you’re listening to music or have to work, use this time to focus on yourself! Read a book, draw, write in your journal, meditate or watch an in-flight movie. Take this opportunity to get back in touch with yourself and step away from social media.

Ways to Make Flying Coach Feel Comfortable

What are some other ways to make flying coach feel comfortable?

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