6 Amazing Beauty Products You’ll Really Need This Winter

We’re officially in the full swing of winter! And while the snowcapped mountains and snow angels are lovely, the harsh side effects are not. Avoid dry, flakey, pasty, brittleness this season with some of my favorite winter beauty products.

1. Orly Breathable Nail Color

I don’t really do manicures. Mostly because I’m saving for travel and at-home manis take too much time. But not with Orly Breathable! This polish has new technology that combines a base coat, color, and top coat all in one! Perfect for travelers and girls on-the-go. For a winter vibe, I’m obsessed with ‘Power Packed‘ and ‘The Antidote‘ hues.

winter beauty products; Breathable Orly Nail polish The Antidote

2. Swell Life Self Tanner

I’ve never been much of a self tanner kind of girl. But when I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas with a girlfriend, I had to do something about my pasty, white skin. This organic, natural and eco-certified sunless tanner is absolutely amazing! It’s made with anti-agng ingredients and a non-streak formula so that you have an all-over, even “tan.” It also lasts 10 days, which is a lot longer than some of the organic spray tans I’ve used in the past. The best part? It’s not orange and is completely natural looking!

winter beauty products; Swell Life Self Tanning Lotion

3. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

Are your lips incredibly dry and flakey this season? Do you find that lipstick just doesn’t look the same over your chapped lips? Herbivore Botanicals has got to be my favorite beauty line right now and with it is the Coco Rose Lip Conditioner. This .17 ounce pot is made with organic virgin coconut oil and Moroccan rose. And it smells like rose petals and is incredibly hydrating on those poor, dry lips.

winter beauty products; Herbivore Botanicals Lip Conditioner

4. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

Whether you have super curly hair or incredibly thin straight hair, you’re probably feeling the cold this winter. It’s easy for your hair to go limp and brittle with the harsh weather. The best way to keep your hair smooth, silky and full of volume is to hydrate it with quality products. I’ve been using the Jessicurl Deep Treatment for over a year now and it has completely changed my hair for the better. After my trip abroad, my hair was broken, brittle and brassy. Now it’s grown at least 5 inches and is thicker than it has ever been!

winter beauty products; Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

5.Herbivore Botanicals Facial Oil Roller

Speaking of hydration, it’s time to nourish that dry skin! I’m seriously digging Herbivore Botanicals lately, so naturally I had to try their best-selling hydration oil. HB claims this aromatic oil gives you “new glow while gently preserving its youth and replenishing hydration.” I LOVE the orchid scent which includes a blend of orchid extract, jasmine sambac and japanese camellia flower oil helping you defend against free radicals, increase elasticity and protect against premature aging. But I have all three which also includes the phoenix facial oil and lapis facial oil.

winter beauty products; Orchid Facial Roller Herbivore Botanicals Flat Lay

6. LUSH Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub

LUSH has done it again! I don’t think I’ve been more obsessed with a body scrub than I am with this product. Their best-selling scrub is made with coarse sea salt to remove dead skin cells, lime oil to brighten skin tone and coconut oil to leave you feeling hydrated instead of dry. It really is the best scrub I’ve ever used.

winter beauty products; Ocean salt scrub lush

What Are Some of Your Favorite Winter Beauty Products?

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