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24 Hours in Santa Fe; historical church basilica of st francis

This is How You Should Spend 24 Hours in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When one imagines the Wild West, one pictures adobe houses, dirt trails, Native American spirituality and a lot of Mexican food. Well, maybe that’s just me. Santa Fe not only met my western expectations, but exceeded them with its beautiful history and friendly hospitality. If you’re heading west for a short amount of time, here’s how you should spend 24 hours in Santa Fe. Continue reading

Le Soleil Restaurant; l'orange duck with sauteed fruits and vegetables

Dining at Le Soleil Restaurant in Cusco, Peru

Despite my food sensitivities or wanting to stay in my comfort zone, I always try to immerse myself in a culture’s cuisine when I travel. And while Cusco may have some of the best Peruvian food in the country, it’s a luxurious French restaurant that stands out among the rest. If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or simply seek reprise from all of that guinea pig, then you should definitely make a reservation at Le Soleil Restaurant.Continue reading

staying at Malibu Beach Inn; sunset Malibu pier

Staying at Malibu Beach Inn in Malibu, California

As the sun started to set, shades of pink and purple began to hug the sky. It was at this same time that a pod of dolphins and two curious sea lions poked their heads from the gentle ocean and played in front of our balcony. We clinked our glasses of champagne, enjoyed the crashing of the waves and enjoyed this incredibly blissful moment. It appeared that we had found heaven by staying at Malibu Beach Inn.Continue reading