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travel with endometriosis and PCOS; girl in L'Auberge Sedona green ivy

How to Travel With Endometriosis and PCOS And Not Die of Pain

What started as an inconceivable, awful pain in my lower intestines turned into a diagnosis. A diagnosis that meant I would suffer from two painful diseases that would manifest not just around my “time of the month,” but all month, every month. Despite the excruciating pain and discomfort, I’ve learned how to travel with endometriosis and PCOS. Here’s what I’ve learned and how you too can travel without letting it ruin your holiday. (LADIES ONLY)Continue reading

Toiletries You Absolutely Need When You Travel; The Clumsy Traveler Packing Guide Collage

These Are The 15 Toiletries You Absolutely Need When You Travel

Packing toiletries seems easy enough until you’re at airport security shoving all of your belongings in a tiny plastic bag (and you wind up throwing away half of your expensive night creams)! I’ve learned from many travel mishaps what essentials you need and what you can live without while on vacation. If you need a little packing help, check out the 10 toiletries you absolutely need when you travel.Continue reading

Perfect Stay at Hotel Del Coronado; girl sitting on beach with ice cream

How to Have the Perfect Stay at the Hotel Del Coronado

When my father-in-law told me he was sending his wife to a spa for a week while they reconstruct their home, I thought, “Wow, what a sweet husband.” When he told me he wanted me to go with her to keep her company, I thought, “WHAT AN EVEN BETTER HUSBAND” (cause you know, I’m such a great spa guest to have around). And since I had visited the iconic Del once before, I knew how to experience the perfect stay at Hotel Del Coronado.Continue reading

This is What You Should Pack for a Trip Up the California Coast in the Summer

California is like it’s own mini country. From beautiful coastal cities to chic desserts and all types of people in between, there’s a lot to see! But a lot of different cities and weather means a lot of different looks. If you’re wondering what to wear on this epic trip, this is what you should pack for a California road trip.Continue reading

4 Stylish Hacks to Stay Organized While Traveling featuring Erin Condren lifeplanner and journal travel goodies

4 Stylish Hacks to Stay Organized While Traveling

Being The Clumsy Traveler means there’s a lot of disorganization in my life. My friends and family call it a mess, but I like to think of it as “creative chaos”. Unfortunately, travel and creative chaos don’t really go well together. Fortunately for me (and all of you hot messes out there), these 4 ways to stay organized while traveling featuring Erin Condren are honest-to-God life-savers.Continue reading