The Best Travel Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your travel-addicted friend? Or maybe you want to find some gifts for yourself this Black Friday (because secretly, that’s what we’re all doing, right?). With the holidays approaching, you might feel the crushing pressure that comes with finding the PERFECT GIFT for your loved one. But this list of the best travel gift ideas will make shopping much more easy, exciting and hilarious!Continue reading


How to Plan THE MOST EPIC Road Trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

It’s no secret that I love Las Vegas. From my bachelorette party to my 21st birthday to spontaneous road trips, I believe Sin City is one of America’s greatest cities. That’s why I want to help you plan your own adventure! If you’re coming from California, here’s how to plan an epic road trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles!Continue reading

4 Stylish Hacks to Stay Organized While Traveling featuring Erin Condren lifeplanner and journal travel goodies

4 Stylish Hacks to Stay Organized While Traveling

Being The Clumsy Traveler means there’s a lot of disorganization in my life. My friends and family call it a mess, but I like to think of it as “creative chaos”. Unfortunately, travel and creative chaos don’t really go well together. Fortunately for me (and all of you hot messes out there), these 4 ways to stay organized while traveling featuring Erin Condren are honest-to-God life-savers.Continue reading


How to Travel When You Have a Bad Back

Hi, my name is Sebrin and I’m a grandma. Thanks to my old lady aches in my lower back, traveling can be a real pain in the ass (literally). But after many planes, trains and automobiles, I’ve learned several tricks to travel when you have a bad back. If you have a bad back and traveling causes you discomfort or pain, try these tips and tricks so that you can have excellent spinal health without sacrificing your travel plans.Continue reading