The Ultimate Earth Month Challenge Makes Going Eco-Friendly Easy

The sun is shining, but it’s a lot hotter. The sunsets are beautiful, but more colorful thanks to smog. The sand on the beaches are glittering… but with broken glass and plastic. The world is changing and not for the better. Which is why I suggest the ultimate earth month challenge to help save our Mother Earth! 

For as long as I can remember, we were taught to celebrate our beautiful planet one day every year.

In 1969, peace activist John McConnell proposed we celebrate the planet and the idea of peace on the Spring Equinox. The first Earth Day was celebrated a year later on March 21st, 1970. One month later, US Senator Gaylord Nelson decided to have a separate Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970. Thanks to this emphasis on environmental sustainability, Denis Hayes launched an organization and took the idea international in 1990 including events in 141 nations.

But as Earth cried for help, we started to do more. Rising water levels and increased air pollution means we need to be committing a lot more time to helping restore our planet. Many communities make Earth Day a week-long event, but even that feels like its not enough.

If only we could make an impact every day, every month, every year.

However, there’s a common misconception when it comes to bettering our planet. Many people believe that it takes a LOT of time to help. Sure, planting a row of trees or raising your own bee farm is time consuming, but there are plenty of ways to help that take almost no time at all!

Which leads me to the ultimate Earth Month Challenge!

Don’t feel overwhelmed. There are only 20, easy-to-do items on this list in no particular order. All you need to do is attempt one of these per day (maybe the same one every day)! Try to cross off as many of these items as you can and feel proud knowing you helped the world that much more.

(In an attempt to be green, try not to print this item and download! Share it on social media to show everyone how you’re helping the earth this month.)

If you’d like to go above and beyond this challenge, here are a few more ideas to kick it up a notch:

1. Try to avoid the thermostat at all costs! Bundle up or dress down and only use if necessary.

2. In addition to using your own water bottle, bring your own travel mug when purchasing coffee. (Here is a super modern, BPA-free, affordable mug.)

3. Fix that leaky faucet, invest in water-saving toilets/shower heads and make sure your washer or dishwasher is full before running. These are great ways to save water!

4. Try taking local transportation or carpool! If that’s not an option, consider purchasing a hybrid car

5. Buy used or e-books instead of new books. (You can even join my e-book club, here!)

6. Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient, green bulbs. Specifically, compact florescent lights.

7. Don’t rinse off your dishes before putting them in the dishwater, it’s a huge waste of water!

8. When buying candles, try to avoid paraffin candles. Soy is good, but beeswax candles are even better! (These beeswax candles are my favorite and the owner is a US-veteran who donates some proceeds to non-profit charities and organizations.)

9. Try to save electricity (and money) by hang-drying your clothes instead of using the dryer.

10. Recycle your plastic storage and replace them with BPA-free, glass tupperware.

11. If you have a baby, consider switching to cloth diapers instead of disposable. Think how many of your own disposable diapers go into a landfill per year!

12. Look into alternative, green power like solar power or wind generators.

If you’d like to learn how to travel the world in a sustainable, earth-friendly way, click here!

Let Us Know You Scored For This Earth Month Challenge!

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