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How to Balance Your Energy While You Travel The World

Have you ever gone on an epic vacation only to feel stressed, anxious, or utterly drained? Despite your constant hydration, awesome sleep schedule and self-care, you just feel more fatigued than normal. Why? Because your energy is being depleted! But the antidote to balance your travel energy is quite simple: it includes three travel crystals for protection, a little smudging and opening your mind!

Traveling can drain energy from even the most advanced travelers. Since I’ve finally jumped on the metaphysical band wagon here in Los Angeles, I’ve been really into crystals, energies and earth-based spirituality. Since these pretty gems and stones are crafted from the four elements that make up pretty much everything in our world, it’s not too crazy to think they can aid our mental, physical and emotional health!

As an avid and obsessed traveler, I couldn’t help but think, “There’s got to be some kind of ways to protect our energies and health on the road, right?”

And indeed, there is! I met up with fashion stylist turned shaman Colleen McCann of Style Rituals to learn more about protecting your energy while traveling, as well as all things unexplained and metaphysical.

Colleen has traveled the world, both as a designer and shaman, and agrees that your energy can be zapped from traveling. Each location has its own energy, some more powerful and intense than others! For the sake of your health (and your much needed vacation), it’s important that you use protective crystals to balance your travel energy and make sure you stay grounded, energized and stress-free.

But before we could discuss crystals, I had to know a little bit more about Colleen. This was my first time meeting a real psychic after all. And while she has been featured on goop, Vogue and Refinery29, I had to understand who she was and find out, well, was this girl the real deal?

We started with Colleen’s history as a shaman, energy practitioner and healer. And like a true psychic story, she battled with these specials gifts that seemed to have found her—not the other way around!

“Around my 30th birthday I started hearing voices. I was living in Brooklyn at the time and in the middle of the night I went up the street to my local bodega… I was alone and I heard a man’s voice say, ‘There’s going to be a fight about bananas. The guy is going to be 32 cents short.’ I spin around and nobody is there. I was like, ‘Awesome, now I’m tired and need antipsychotics.” Colleen laughed as her story continued to unfold. “A few minutes later, I walk up to the counter and the whole thing happened right in front of me. The guy comes in, slams the bananas down, pushes in front of me and I was like…oh shit.”

Colleen continued to talk about the voices which eventually saved her (literally) a time or two. Still, she struggled with her newfound gifts, especially being so happy in the world of fashion and designing.

After meeting with other healers, friends and practitioners, Colleen finally came to the inevitable conclusion that she was indeed a healer that needed to hone in on her gifts. And as fate would have it, a “chance” work trip led her to Joshua Tree where she would enroll as a student at The Four Winds Society that very trip. And the rest is history.

It was at this time during the interview that we suddenly changed gears.

What started as your average interview with a famed psychic became my very own intuitive reading with crystals, tarot cards and stone throwing!

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I didn’t know why I was so anxious, though I suppose it was the idea that this psychic was about to peer into my very soul. Who knows what she was going to find! My heart was racing, my face flushed and I couldn’t stop sweating. (Even as I write this, the recollection of my reading makes my heart start to skip.)

The reading was long and quite personal. Right off the bat, Colleen mentioned something about my personal life that only close friends and family knew about. A physical worry of mine that I don’t often share openly. There was no reason for Colleen to have picked this vibe up other than sheer psychic abilities and intuition. And while my energy, demeanor and picking of tarot cards and crystals aided to her ability to “see me,” it was ultimately her clairaudient gifts that led her to piece the real me together.

Perhaps I’ll share my reading with you all. Perhaps I’ll just let it sit with me and manifest on its own. Either way, I came in slightly skeptical of psychic abilities and walked out a full-blown believer. I urge you to have your questions answers and seek your own truth with Colleen by booking your own appointment!

After my mind was completely and utterly blown, I had to ask the necessary question that led me to Colleen in the first place:

What are the stones and items you should be traveling with and why?

1. Lepidolite

“This is the Xanax of the crystal community. So you can sleep, fears of turbulence, fear that the plane’s gonna fall out of the sky… Whatever is up for you, this.”

2. Hematite

“Grounding and really good for jet lag. Let’s say you need to get where you’re going half way across the world and jet lag just hit hard, sleep holding this stone. Take a cat nap holding it or keep it in your bra while you’re on your flight or boat or whatever the heck you’re doing.”

3. Tiger’s Eye

“Protection with travel, stone of travel. Tiger’s eye has several big uses.”

4. Palo Santo

“Palo santo means “holy wood” and is something that’s used by South American shamans. Use it just like sage, to clear energy of people, places and things. Sage crumbles and is really fragile, this is super travel friendly!”

And finally, I asked: 

If you’re into crystals, energy and metaphysical practices but you’re a beginner, where do you start? What are the first couple of steps you can do to prepare yourself or learn more?

“Definitely go to a class and a day long class where you enroll and some type of spiritual modality and start to see what you gravitate towards… You’ll be guided. It will all unveil with divine timing but you need to stick your toe in the water somewhere.”

Want to learn more about crystals, ? Sign up for Colleen’s upcoming workshop, HUSTLE + FLOW June 18th, 2019!

Make sure to follow Colleen on Instagram, Twitter, and her site for services, information and events!

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