Stuff Your Face with the Best Food in Vancouver, Canada

A city is only as good as its foodie scene, so naturally, Vancouver just might be the best city on the planet. Enjoy this guide of the best food in Vancouver. The research was exhauustingggg.

My Birthday Evening at Hawksworth Restaurant

1. Hawksworth Restaurant – This place is truly, the best fine dining restaurant in all of Vancouver. Enjoy the killer views of downtown Vancouver while fine dining on contemporary cuisine and some of the fanciest service you’ll experience yet. Read here to learn why this should be on your Vancouver bucket list!


2. The Keefer Bar – When you think of trendy, cool, hipster bars, this is where your mind goes. The Keefer Bar, located in Chinatown of Vancouver, is the ultimate cool spot. Happy hour has a great selection of Asian fusion snacks and each drink is paired with an effect you should be “feeling” as you drink it. The concoction above? The Blood Moon (cause anything with egg whites is my jam)!

Best Food in Vancouver- Sushi at the General

3. The General Public – The General Public is unlike any other sushi spot in Vancouver, maybe even the world. The place is as weird and funky as the sushi is offbeat and delicious! There are pages and pages of dining options, though we stuck with some of their finest sushi rolls. And their lychee mojitos? OMGGGGG.

Best Food in Vancouver - Cherries and fruit at Granville Island Public Market

4. Granville Island’s Public Market – There ain’t just one option here, there are hundreds! From chocolates to produce to burgers, you can find anything here for any diet or any taste. Not to mention, it’s a lot less expensive than the restaurants found on the rest of the island. Make sure to try some seafood as you’ll find some of the best and freshest selection of fish in the city here.

Best Food in Vancouver - Cartems Donuterie

5. Cartems Donuterie – Cartems is like, THE donut spot in Vancouver. Cartems Donuterie uses high quality ingredients for some of the best and most unusual flavors! We visited Cartems’ for a late birthday breakfast and it was just the sugar high we needed after our previous night out on the town. (They also carry Earnest Ice Cream!) Pictured above from left to right is their maple walnut (because Canada, eh?), the strawberry daiquiri and the triple chocolate threat!

Best Food in Vancouver - Pulled pork sandwich and tomato soup at The Whip

6. The Whip – My friend’s anecdote for the worst birthday hangover ever was a Caesar’s at The Whip. Vancouver’s take on a traditional blood mary was just what I needed. Along with the tastiest pulled pork sandwich and side of tomato soup. The comfort food paired with the gothic decor made for an interesting, albeit delicious, afternoon.

Best Food in Vancouver - French 75 and salmon burger at Seasons at the Park

7. Seasons in the Park – Probably one of the best scenes of Vancouver lies at Seasons at the Park. A fine dining restaurant located in the middle of the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park, you can enjoy lunch on their balcony with spectacular views of the park or watch the twinkling, downtown lights as you treat yourself to a special dinner inside the spacious and lodge-like interior.

Best Food in Vancouver

8. Earnest Ice Cream – I heard that Earnest was the best ice cream in town prior to my arrival, but unfortunately I never got to try it! Still, I’m backed not only by its reputation with crazy-good flavors (London Fog, Whiskey Hazelnut and Vegan Cookies and Cream), but almost every local store carries it! From Cartems to Le Marché to corner stores, you will find this stuff EVERYWHERE. 

Best Food in Vancouver

9. Le Marché St. George – Quite possibly the most charming and whimsical cafe I’ve ever seen in my life! Located in a quiet neighborhood, you’ll notice the cafe in a renovated Victorian home with several people (and their dogs) enjoying the coffee and pastries. The cafe not only houses the staff, 2 beehives, chickens and cats who actually live there, but a general store full of natural, organic and locally sourced goods! The pecan tart was the best pastry I’ve ever tasted in my whole life!

Best Food in Vancouver - Duck Pizza at Locus Lounge

10. Locus Lounge – My first stop in Vancouver after a long day of traveling was at Locus Lounge and I could not have been more impressed! The happy hour had an insane selection with great prices and delicious food, the beer was local and satisfying, and the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming (granted, I was one in four at their establishment). Although their main menu is awesome, I highly recommend visiting during happy hour so you can try the generously portioned duck and mushroom flatbread for significantly less $$$.


Where else can I find the best food in Vancouver?

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