The Most Beautiful Train Ride in the World

The Most Beautiful Train Ride in the World

Pine trees whizzed past us at an impressing speed while pockets of fresh snow nestled in the passing, rolling hills greeted us in the distance. I looked up to see moody clouds, where an occasional ray of sunshine would peek through onto the prehistoric-looking foliage surrounding our train tracks. We were currently heading to Bergen, Norway on the Bergen Railway, also known as the most beautiful train ride in the world. 

(Make sure to read the full post for travel tips on the Bergen Railway!)

Earlier that morning, we went to purchase our train tickets at the fairly modern and clean train station in Oslo. Single, first-class tickets to Bergen were 90 USD apiece (it was our honeymoon afterall!). Large backpacks in tow, we readied ourselves for the day trip ahead of us.

We boarded our 12:30 pm train and found our seats facing the south end of the train (aka backwards) making it all the more exciting. This was Kevin’s first train ride and we couldn’t be more excited to christen his train-virginity than with the legendary Bergen Railway, known in Europe (and even the world) as the most beautiful and visually stunning train ride.

A sweet, Norwegian girl sat opposite of us, later joined by an older and incredibly adorable Norwegian woman. Both women were experienced Bergen Railway travelers and would later become our adopted tour guides, telling us about the history of the surrounding areas (including the island where the infamous terrorist attacks occurred).

Between chatting with these locals, munching on homemade sandwiches, enjoying a few beers on the dining car and reading, Kevin and I would gaze outside our chilly window to find the most epic scenery. Our journey began in sunny Oslo, where we were surrounded by remodeled architecture, train tracks and a lot of water.

However, over the course 6.5 hours, we were surrounded by much different scenes. We witnessed such contrasting weather and landscapes from never-ending lakes, towering fjords, snowy mountains, icy blue rivers, glaciers, bubbling waterfalls and abandoned cabins that I couldn’t believe this was a single country, let alone a single train ride. And to observe such contrast as we traveled laterally!

This mode of travel was the most breathtaking experience we could encounter on our journey through Scandinavia. I would travel back to Norway just to witness these natural beauties one more time. The Bergen Railway’s reputation for being the most beautiful train ride in the world couldn’t have been more accurate!

The Most Beautiful Train Ride in the World

Travel Tips:

  • Sit on the left hand side of the car (if going from Oslo to Bergen) for the best views during the most beautiful train ride in the world
  • There is food on board, but make your own sandwiches to cut costs
  • Try to get your tickets early to reserve the best seats
  • Second class is just fine, but first class is definitely worth the upgrade if you have $$
  • Leave on the earlier train so you won’t miss the fjords in the dark (if traveling between Sept-Apr)

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