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My Surprisingly Amazing Staycation at Pala Casino

I may have visited Las Vegas plenty of times, but you might be shocked to learn that I’ve never stayed at a Native American Casino in Southern California. Despite what I thought I knew about Indian casinos, I was pleasantly surprised during our staycation at Pala Casino!

I’m currently at the age where heading to the City of Sin is more about the parties and the DJs rather than the gambling. Sure, I like to play my Game of Thrones slot machines (after all I’m a GOT diehard fan). But gambling is usually the last thought on my mind.

So naturally, as a non-gambler, that meant a casino in Southern California never crossed my mind as a travel destination. 

But that all changed after my invite to the Pala Casino Resort and Spa Influencer Event!

My best friend and I were seriously due for a little staycation (I mean, it’s been 1 month since my trip to Peru!). So I invited her with me to experience the casino on the Pala Indian Reservation near San Diego, California. She too had never been to a California casino, so we were both pretty excited!

As of now the Pala Casino Resort and Spa has 2,000 slots, 87 table games, 10 restaurants, a day spa, 4 entertainment venues, 500 rooms and 82 suites. Quite the establishment tucked away in little Pala, California! Despite the already impressive space, the resort is currently undergoing a massive $170 million renovation. Once completed, Pala’s hotel will offer 854 deluxe rooms and suites, a new multi-pool, entertainment complex and outdoor entertainment venue.

Our first stop of the night was a meet and greet including all of the influencers and their guests. Chloe and I gravitated towards the bar, obviously. There, we connected with fellow influencer Sara who was destined to be our third tripod leg of the evening.

But that was just the beginning of our 24-hour staycation at Pala Casino. 

The afternoon continued with a slot tournament, gambling, wine tasting at The CAVE, a spa demo, snacking, lounging by the pool and a several-course dinner in the Oak Room. We mingled with the staff and our hosts at Pala Casino and couldn’t have found a nicer crew. And no, it wasn’t just because we were influencers!

During dinner, our sommelier discussed wine making in the proudest details. The bartenders were friendly and genuinely enjoyed talking to us. And our host was so chill and friendly, I actually wanted to invite her out with us. Who knew Temecula was home to such warm and friendly people?

There was never a moment where we weren’t treated like royalty. But the best part of the evening was the concert featuring Matisyahu and UB40! (You know, the Red Red Wine song from 1983?)

The concert was AMAZING! It was hard to believe we were a few feet from a huge casino and steps away from the pool! The beer was flowing, the crowd was stoked and the vibes were incredible. It felt like we were partying out a very (very) rich friend’s house.

Prior to our trip to this casino, I imagined something much different. Like old people playing slots, hotel rooms that smelled weird and yucky buffets. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Now, I am a complete fan of Indian casinos, specifically Pala Casino Resort and Spa. From concerts to great wine to amazing games, they have everything! And I’m definitely going back.

Have you been to an Indian Casino? Would you ever take a staycation at Pala Casino?

Thank you to the Pala Casino Resort and Spa and Hollywood Branded for hosting us during our stay. As always, the content and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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