18 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Valley of Fire Right Now

18 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Valley of Fire Right Now

As if Las Vegas wasn’t enough of a treat itself, there’s yet another reason to visit the southern part of Nevada. If you’ve been looking for an offbeat getaway to hike, explore and marvel at Earth’s beauty, then you have got to visit the Valley of Fire!

45 minutes Northeast of Las Vegas and just over the Moapa Valley Reservation lies a Mars-like wasteland that explorers and hikers could only dream of. The Valley of Fire State Park is home to impressive red rock formations similar to those found in Sedona, marbled “waves,” and impressive dessert wildlife.

Check out these photos to experience some serious wanderlust that will have you putting the Valley of Fire at the top of your bucket list!

How to Get There

Getting to this state park is actually quite easy! The only thing that’s tricky is trusting your gut that you’re not just driving your car into the middle of nowhere!

Take the 15 Freeway and get off at exit 75 toward Valley of Fire E/Lake Mead (this is the same exit you take for the RiSE festival!). Drive down this deserted patch of land for about twenty minutes. You will go through no-man’s land, valleys and weave through the “Muddy Mountains” until you finally reach the entrance of the state park!

Entrance is $10 per car and less if you’re coming in by bike or on foot!

What to See

Granted, we didn’t get a chance to see everything we wanted at the Valley of Fire.

Not only are the hikes here strenuous, but the heat makes this even more treacherous for hikers. That being said, you should definitely come here in the early morning or between November and March!

Of all the things you have to see, make sure you grab this checklist of “must-see” attractions!

Have You Been to the Valley of Fire?

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  1. Living in Las Vegas, I have always enjoyed paying a visit to places like the Valley of Fire. Glad you had a great time and I love your photos!

  2. Those structures are amazing. I couldn’t make it there the last time I was in Vegas due to shortage of time. Will keep the tips from your blog in mind when I visit here next. Thanks ❤️

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