‘Twas the Night Before Valborg

…And all through the town, all the students were chugging liquor, especially champagne! Today marks the start of Valborg in Sweden, a time to celebrate the arrival of Spring through drinking, dancing, and other forms debauchery. I can’t believe it has been 4 years since I celebrated the holiday in Uppsala! As I’m feeling super nostalgic today, I thought I would share my Valborg experience back in 2010-2011 during my year abroad.Continue reading

Your Outdoor Summer Movie Guide in Los Angeles

Last Updated: July 27th

It’s here, it’s here!! That special time of year when you drink copious amounts of wine with your friends in the park, enjoy some kick-ass local food and enjoy a classic movie with about 250 Angelenos. Despite the horrendous parking scene, I absolutely love this inexpensive summer activity. In honor of the first movie screening this Saturday, I’ve created an outdoor summer movie guide for your viewing pleasure.Continue reading

Raves at Sunrise: Your New Morning Coffee

As the sun started to peak over Downtown Los Angeles, I timidly walked to what looked like a private warehouse with my younger sister and her group of friends. The thermostat showed 58 degrees yet crowds of party-goers were wearing high waisted shorts, crop tops and leotards. Once we made it through the front door, house music blasted through the entire room. Dancers were covered in neon gear and dressed in a variety of costumes as the bar gave out shots of coffee. Not only was this my first rave, but it was at 6 am and everyone was stone-cold sober.Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day in Stockholm

St. Patrick’s Day in Stockholm. The two don’t seem together. Much like my experience with Swedish meatballs topped with Nutella: bad in theory, fair in practice. As I look through several event pages how to celebrate the holiday, Stockholm seems to have hopped on the Shamrock bandwagon. However back when I was a student at Uppsala University in 2010-2011, it was still a weird combination.Continue reading